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Get To Know Online Shopping Paradise Trend Trunk Plus Enter To WIN One of 5 Gift Cards!

December 12, 2013

If you’re a fashionista chances are you’re always cycling through clothes. You’re likely a shopaholic and your wardrobe is probably loaded with inexpensive clothes, expensive clothes, trendy clothes, unique clothes, crazy clothes, cute clothes and the list goes on…it seems like there is always something new you want to buy and want to wear. But what happens when you get sick of an outfit or tired of something you purchased last season? You’re looking for stylish new additions to your wardrobe, but also want to cash in on items you’re not loving as much as you used to. The solution to your style stitch? Trend Trunk! Trend Trunk is the ultimate destination for fashion lovers looking to buy and sell clothing online.

Trend Trunk is an award-winning company, founded by Sean Snyder one and a half years ago, aiming at providing fashion-lovers with the amazing opportunity to buy and sell clothing online for up to 80% off the retail price. Designed with the social marketplace in mind, Trend Trunk is all about inspiring people to collaborate with style-conscious shoppers and have fun buying and selling online. How did the awesome idea for Trend Trunk come about in the first place? Sean says “we originally started with a gift card exchange, allowing the ability to buy/ sell gift cards. Based on customer feedback and how much they loved it, we decided to create something based around buying and selling and dealing with the issue everyone faces: too many clothes in the closet!”

Trend Trunk is amazing because it is super accessible (who doesn’t love shopping the hottest trends from their laptop?) Plus… you can buy and sell at virtually any price point! So far Trend Trunk has been generating massive buzz and customers are absolutely obsessed with the site (it’s hard not to be!) Sean and his team are so passionate about Trend Trunk and their energy is contagious “Trend Trunk is fun. We have great customers, great partners and a great time that are all energetic and passionate about what Trend Trunk does!”
However, Trend Trunk is about more than just beefing up your wallet and your wardrobe. “We’re helping charities raise money through fundraising programs and have a lot of exciting initiatives in the works for 2014.” says Sean. It’s amazing to see a fashion company taking action and trying to make a difference in the lives of others.
Overall, Trend Trunk is an amazing website with tons of incredible features impossible not to love! But it gets better….this holiday season F&B Inc wants to thank all of of you amazing readers who have been so loyal all year long! F&B Inc has teamed up with Trend Trunk to give give five super lucky readers the chance to jump start the Trend Trunk fun with a round of $10.00 gift cards! Simple enter for your chance to win bellow…good luck!  

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