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4 Hot Athletic Outfits To Rock At The Extension Room

April 8, 2014

The Extension Room is a dance studio downtown where you can let your body be free and move in ways you never knew possible.  It’s a place to relax your soul, while getting an amazing dance inspired workout. The music is wonderful and the teacher, Jennifer Nichols,  is amazing. The dances are beautiful and calming, but they will leave you stiff and tired, so be sure to bring a water bottle! One thing that is great about the classes is that you are having so much fun but also toning up for a fit body! The studio is stunning, embellished with sparkling chandeliers and metallic couches.  Of course while you work out in such a posh studio you also want to rock a fab outfit! Whether it’s shorts for women, a sports bra or workout crop tops, you’ll want to find the styles that suit you to a tee. Stumped for hot fitness outfit ideas? F&B Inc has you covered…

The first outfit idea is inspired by a ballerina tutu’s and silky pink pointe shoes. Start with capri leggings that are easy to move in and also be sure to wear your hair in a pretty pink headband. Wear your comfiest sports bra and pair it with a flowy pink shirt that is easy to dance in. Be sure to bring a cute dance bag too (VS has the nicest!) 

The Extension Room is all bout expressing yourself through movement and fashion, so it’s time to be bold! For this look go for leggings or shorts in any colour (hot pink or neon green are uber cool!) Put on a neon sports bra, paired with a bright tight tank, or loose top to show off your bra! This will create the perfect mood for you to move in easily and dance your heart out. Pop on a funky headband and you’re ready to rock it on the dance floor. 
This look is all about making you feel like a graceful and confident dancer! Start with a fresh light white bodysuit with pretty straps and simply add a pair of snowflake white Nike shorts on the bottom. Select a pale coloured pair of leg warmers and if you’re feeling extra balletic tie back your hair in a pretty floral hair tie. 

Leggings are great, but why not try spicing it up by wearing a pair with a colourful waistband? How about your sports bra? Why not get a bright one with sweet straps? Grab a perky pair of socks that tie the look together, a sweat band and an aww-worthy water bottle and you’re Extension Room ready.

Hopefully you loved these outfits ideas and be sure to go to The Extension Room classes located at 30 Eastern Avenue, Toronto! Don’t be shy or nervous, just sign up for your membership and let you’re inner ballerina loose. Have fun and stay fit. 
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