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    June 7, 2014
    Kendall Jenner


    Whether going for a soft natural beauty look, or an all out glamorous makeup look, foundation is always the first step to a stunning face. Applying foundation may seem like a simple “blend and go” task, however applying foundation perfectly is a tricky makeup skill to master. From peeling, to creases, there’s many things that can go wrong when attempting to create your flawless canvas! Read on to find out how to avoid the most common foundation mistakes.

    #1: Always Shake Well

    It doesn’t say to shake the bottle for nothing! By shaking your foundation first, you are loosening up any dry parts and ensuring no clumpy blobs will come out of the dispenser when you are ready to apply your foundation. So simply shake, dispense and apply.

    #2: Don’t Stop At The Jaw Line!

    No one likes the foundation face mask look, yet many of us sport it without even knowing! Properly blending is the key to a natural look, and the only way to make sure you can blend away the right way, is to use the right tool, and apply foundation to the right spots. Stippling brushes a great to blend into the neck and up to the temples, and sponges are even better! Just simply blend the product outwards, on to your neck and even as far as your chest, until your skin looks all natural!

    #3: Stop Using Your Fingers

    Everyone wants the airbrushed finishing look, but not everyone achieves it. Its important to realize that the way you apply your foundation is just as important as the foundation itself! Be sure not to use your fingers, as they can retain bacteria and leave your face with acne and leave your foundation with streaks and uneven blending. The key to getting flawless skin with foundation is using the right brush or sponge for you.
    These makeup mishaps are very common, but easy to fix, so these tricks and tips can help you create the perfect skin the next time you go to do your foundation!
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