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Blunt Love: Blundstone Boots Celebrates 20 Years In Canada

October 2, 2014

Blundstone boots are synonymous with durability, versatility and stability and this year they are also synonymous with celebration in Canada. Blundstone boots is currently celebrating their 20th anniversary in Canada! “Over the past 20 years Blundstone boots have provided Canadians with the stability and versatility of a comfortable, reliable boot,” said Ian Heaps of Blundstone Footwear. “From coast to coast, Canadians love their Blundstones and we can’t thank our Canadian family enough for their continued loyalty and support.” Blundstone boots are designed for ultimate ease and comfort. With no laces you can simply pull-on or kick-off your boots while the leather of the boot molds to take the shape of your foot. All Blundstone boots are unisex and the classic style of the boots make them the perfect boot for transitioning from work to play.

Blundstone boots are undoubtedly a must-have for Fall and their current crop of boots is a must-see (and a must-buy!) Every pair of Blundstones is crafted with impeccable quality and is designed to fit your foot perfectly. Unlike other boots that get old and tired and too worn out to keep wearing, Blundstones only get better with age, the more you wear them the better they look. What better time than Blundstone’s 20th anniversary to invest in a pair of boots you’ll love forever and always? 
Check out some of the hottest styles from the Australian Boot Company bellow and don’t forget to visit the Blundstone website to shop your boots today!

What pair of Blundstone boots is on your wish list? Leave a comment bellow to let F&B Inc know!

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