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Meet Degrassi Star & Youth Apparel Top Model Sara Waisglass

December 19, 2013

      When Degrassi star, Sara Waisglass, was first asked to model for Youth Apparel she could hardly contain her excitement: “I was honored to be a part of Youth Apparel and shocked they had chosen me as a model.” It’s safe to say the 15-year-old beauty was pretty much in heaven getting her hair and makeup done at shoots and trying on all the stunning clothing designed by Stephan and Amanda (read more about Youth Apparel in F&B Inc’s interview with the designers behind the line and fellow Youth Model, Sophi Knight!) Sara loves Youth Apparel because “It’s trendy, very bohemian, and everyone who works on it (creators, make-up artists, hair, photographers, cinematographers, models) is like a family.” Sounds absolutely amazing!

     Sara says that photo shoots are tons of fun because you’re with your friends and working on something that is unique and special and above all extremely successful. Sara likes styling her Youth pieces with simple articles of clothing that keep the focus on Youth apparel “Youth clothing is so strong that it should be the center of the outfit” says Sara! What pieces is Sara excited to snag from the new collection? “The Youth hats for sure, they go with everything!” Sara is so stoked to be working with Youth Apparel and as she is so gorgeous she is a perfect model for the urban brand.

      Sara definitely embodies the Youth Apparel brand perfectly as she is fresh faced and posses a simplistic beauty often hard to come by. There is an effortless, carefree and playful vibe to her Youth shoot photographs which feature the cute brunette lounging beachside in Youth Apparel’s debut collection. The relaxed energy of the photos reflects the easy, breezy aura of Youth Apparel which is a clothing line all about boho-chic fashion and Tumblr inspired style!

I    In addition to modeling for Youth Apparel, Sara is also an actress, and plays Frankie on the hit TV-show Degrassi. Sara loves being a part of Degrassi and says the cast and crew are “amazing people!” Check back on F&B Inc soon for a profile of Sara as she opens up about what its like to take over the small screen on season 14 of the iconic high-school TV show! For now, get to know the stunning Miss. Waisglass a little bit more as she opens up about her favorite fashion and beauty products as well as some of her pop culture and food favorites…

Overall, Sara is a breathtakingly beautiful model and charismatic spirit make her an ideal Youth Apparel model! Stay tuned on Youth Apparel’s official website for information on their new collection and how you can order as well as links to all their social media outlets.

      Keep updated with Sara’s life as a Degrassi star an Youth Apparel model by following her on Twitter and Instagram and stay tuned for more Youth Apparel model spotlights coming soon!

     Do you think Sara is an amazing Youth Apparel model? Let F&B Inc know why you love her in the comment box bellow…

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