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Top Model Spotlight: Meet Sam Freedberg

January 14, 2014

Walking exclusively for Jil Sander and cruising down the Missoni catwalk during Tokyo Fashion Week are just a few of the tremendous achievements top model, Sam Freedberg, has under his belt. The brown haired, blue-eyed Elmer Olsen star is at the top of his game traveling the world in the name of fashion, but rewind a few years back and Sam certainly didn’t see the bright lights of the fashion industry in his future. ” I had never considered working in the fashion industry until after I was scouted and I had no idea whatsoever about what it would be like, so everything has been a new and exciting experience for me so far!” Sam was spotted while riding the subway on a school trip…since that fateful day the rest has been history!

Sam loves being a part of the fashion industry and says working as a model is a completely rewarding experience. Sam’s top reasons for hearting his fashion gig? “Being able to travel and work with so many creative talents.” But Sam doesn’t just love the fashion world, the fashion world loves him too! He’s a regular at international fashion weeks and has shot for GQ Japan!
While this handsome model has clenched countless photoshoots he is addicted to the runway. The frantic backstage atmosphere of a runway show can be insane, but the adrenaline of walking in a show is what Sam loves! “There are so many people running around, it’s crazy, but that is what makes it exciting.” Sam concludes.  

Naturally it has taken Sam heaps of hard work to get to where he is in the modeling world today. “You need to always stay professional and be prepared for every shoot” says Sam of industry advice he was given when he was first starting out. Professionalism is paramount in the modeling world and if you want to make it to the top commitment and ambition are exactly what you need! Luckily, Sam is polished, proficient, passionate and posses ambition in spades when it comes to modeling. “I would love to continue to travel for work, especially to New York and London. To have the opportunity to work with top photographers stylists and fashion designers are also big goals.” F&B Inc has no doubts Sam will achieve all of this and more. 

Dying to learn about the man behind the model? Sam fesses up to F&B Inc on everything from his celebrity crush to how he spends his time when he’s not working…

Fashion & Beauty Inc: What are you doing when you are not modeling?
Sam Freedberg: I work part-time as a swim instructor, hang out with my friends and play the drums!

Fashion & Beauty Inc: What are the most played songs on your iPod right now?
Sam Freedberg: I am listening to All tomorow’s parties by the Velvet Underground, Where is my mind my the Pixies and Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.

Fashion & Beauty Inc: Who is your celebrity crush?
Sam Freedberg: I would have to say Scarlett Johansson.

Fashion & Beauty Inc: What is your guilty pleasure?
Sam Freedberg: Once in a blue moon, I will treat myself with a visit to a certain fast food restaurant.

Fashion & Beauty Inc: Where do you love shopping?
Sam Freedberg: I am not a big shopper, but I always find clothes I like at Zara.

Fashion & Beauty Inc: Who are your style icons?
Sam Freedberg: I recently went to the the David Bowie exhibit at the AGO and I was really blown away by his style and how important fashion was to him!

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Image Credits: Elmer Olsen, Tumblr

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