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November 14, 2014
If you were to pause and think about the kind of animal you channel in the workplace you likely couldn’t match Tomasz Erb’s answer to the question. “I would have to say panther. My slick black and white photo in my portfolio resembles one!” The 23-year-old Elmer Olsen model couldn’t be more spot on, with his elongated, slender limbs, masculine and powerful features and seductive glow, Tomasz is defined by his regal aura. 
Tomasz first began modelling in June 2014. “I walked into the  Elmer Olsen office as many people suggested I should consider modelling. I have been scouted in the past but never took it seriously, only after some support did I actually summon the courage.” Tomasz’s confidence in the casting room paid off and his resume boasts a range of runway shows and photo shoots he will never forget. What has been the highlight of Tomasz’s career thus far? “Modelling for Rani Kim’s collection at  the EMDA in TOM* this past summer was amazing.  I liked it because I met many people and also got an inside look as to what preparations for such a big event look like.”

Through modelling Tomasz has learnt an immense amount about the fashion industry and admits its truly a wonderful industry to be a part of. Tomasz loves having the opportunity to meet so many people and says “it is great to converse with make-up artists, photographers,  and wardrobe stylists because you always learn something.” While Tomasz is always learning new things at shoots and runway shows he also says there a few things people misunderstand about his career.  Keeping yourself gorgeous all the time isn’t easy! “It actually does take effort to keep yourself looking your best at all times. Avoiding oily foods, certain types of drinks, and coping with stress for example will minimize the chances of having a breakout on your face. Also maintaining a fit body does actually take discipline. Everything you eat counts, and “just one crepe” won’t cut it!”

Tomasz’s modelling career has definitely been an incredible journey and he says it has truly changed him both physically and mentally. Tomasz’s progress in the modelling industry definitely shows his growth and passion for fashion. Get to know more about Tomasz in his exclusive interview with F&B Inc bellow…

F&B Inc: If had to go back to when you first started modelling and give yourself advice, what would you tell yourself?
Tomasz Erb: I would tell myself to not be so be nervous, and let things happen. Of course be prepared and look your best, but don’t overthink things, just go with the flow.

F&B Inc: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Tomasz Erb: In the future I would like to work with classic European fashion houses. Particularily luxurious ones with a clean look. I really like the image protrayed by Brioni, Canali!

F&B Inc: What is your favourite part about photoshoots and runway shows?
Tomasz Erb: I like Runway shows because there is a sense of thrill and excitement when you first walk down the runway.  The music is great too and it makes you feel good!
F&B Inc: Which designer do you admire and why?
Tomasz Erb: One designer that I admire at the moment is Jil Sander. I really like her menswear for the fall/winter 2014 campaign as it has a sophisticated and sharp look that I admire. I enjoy observing her collection and I feel there’s something about it that just makes it so attractive.
F&B Inc: Who is your celebrity Crush?
Tomasz Erb: My celebrity Crush would have to be Jennifer Garner. Her smile radiates love and selflessness. She is my type of girl! I hope Ben Affleck doesn’t see this.
F&B Inc: If a movie was being made about your life what would the title be and who would you cast to play yourself?
Tomasz Erb: If a movie was being played about my life the title would be “Go Forward” and I would Cast Andrew Garfield to play me!
F&B Inc: Where is one place you’ve never been to, but would love to go?
Tomasz Erb: One place I’ve never been to but would love to go is probably Rome, Italy. It’s a historic place and it would be a great experience to experience the rich history associated with the city.
F&B Inc: What is the biggest risk you have ever taken?
Tomasz Erb: Terminating my rent agreement, then going to my brother’s wedding in Poland, then coming back and finding a place in three days before school starts. Talk about risk!
F&B Inc: How would you describe your personal style?
Tomasz Erb: I would describe my personal style as very subtle albeit sophisticated. I like to wear plain pieces with no extravagant designs. I like to dress up in a classic, simple but attractive way.
F&B Inc: What is your Mantra?
Tomasz Erb: This Mantra has helped me “parent” myself.
“Everything that is happening right now is happening for a reason. Things aren’t always going to look pretty, or feel comfortable, or even seem necessary. Just have enough faith not to quit, understand that things work out how and when they are supposed to. Use everything that happens around you as tools to help build you, the good and the bad. Realize that the testing of your faith is to produce patience, and the power in patience gives us the will to persevere, and that will promises us not just success, but peace and joy. Don’t run from the struggle it’s there to make you stronger. Don’t be moved my fear, your faith can take you beyond it!”
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