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July 31, 2015
Lucky Blue Smith


If you love keeping up with the hottest stars of Instagram chances are the name Lucky Blue Smith will ring a serious bell. The 17-year-old Next Model Management super star is no stranger to the spotlight and has relished his roles working New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week in addition to being featured on, Teen Vogue and a bevy of other viral fashion outlets. Lucky quickly became an icon after dying his hair platinum blond and wowing the world with his icy aesthetic and indie rebel vibes. In case Lucky’s foray into fashion isn’t enough, he also plays drummer in surf-rock band, The Atomics, which is comprised of his equally gorgeous siblings. Get to know more about the Smith family and their super nova status bellow…

Lucky Blue

Lucky Blue has the name currently on everyone’s lips and it’s not hard to see why! The teenage mega model has looks to kill and a cult like following of fashion feigns and starry eyed style lovers from the big apple to Paris, France. Wherever Lucky goes, his Insta lovers are sure to follow.
Follow him on Instagram: @LuckyBSmith 

Starlie Cheyenne Smith

With a name like Starlie you’re pretty much destined for stardom, right? Lucky Blue’s 21-year-old sister, Starlie boasts on equally hot Instagram following on Instagram and is currently running the LA social scene with her model behaviour. Going by “Queen Starlie” and “Bad Kid Baby” this wild child is one to watch if you’re looking for a rebel hearted taste maker to inspire you next OOTD or iPod playlist.
Follow her on Instagram: @QueenStarlie

Daisy Clementine Smith


Lead guitarist and LA based model, Daisy Clementine has the blond hair and blue eyes of every girl’s dreams. Daisy started her career in modelling at age 14 and finished high school in Utah before departing for LA to pursue a life in the fashion lane. Daisy’s social media presence is strewn with tantalizing photographs of her artistic/ bohemian/ famous/ flower child lifestyle.

Follow her on Instagram: @DaisyClementine

Pyper America


At 18, Pyper America is the Smith sister showing the most promise as making it as a MAJOR fashion model! Not only do her fine features and doe-eyed stare make her looks crazy captivating, her edgy surf-chic style makes her a total style icon. Keep your eyes on this one!
Follow her on Instagram: @PyperAmerica


Bottom line? The Smith family is probably the most genetically blessed clan to be currently blowing up your Instagram feeds. Not only are these children model mavens they are also indie music gold. Press their follow buttons to ensure you’re up on all the latest Smith family fun.
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