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The Best Bold & Bright Pieces From Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop

November 21, 2013

Topshop is known for their thrift-chic pieces and witty British twist on fine fashion which is why when it was announced yesterday that they would be collaborating again with the kings of kitsch Meadham Kichhoff everyone was buzzing with excitement. The edgy British design duo behind Meadham Kirchoff are all about bright colors and bold pieces with a zany Dr. Suess flair. The collection Meadham Kirchhoff designed for Topshop was inspired by The Cherrys, an imaginary girl band consisting of four chic rebels (Cherry Cherrie, Cherry Satanika, Cherry Pikka and Cherry Blossom) each with her own unique identity. The four Cherry rockers each bring a diverse range to the collection meaning there is something for everyone!
The looks form the Topshop capsule collection and weird, cool and artistic.
The designers drew inspiration on everything from the world’s most glamorous rockers to the delight that comes along with a freshly baked cupcake. Naturally the fashions had classic weird and wild design elements the British boys are known for when it comes to fashion. This collection is wacky, wowing and complete insane, but that’s what makes it so addictive! These definitely aren’t the kind of clothes you see everyday which is what makes each piece in the collection a must-have. You never know when the next time will be that you’ll get to rock a pair of cloud blue furry lined chunky baby doll heels or a frills on frills on frills on frills rain jacket, but rest assured seeing as how on trend this cool collection is, it would be a shame to miss out on making a statement! 
Bloggers such as Tavi Gevinson have sung praises of Meadham Kirchhoff’s collects at London Fashion Week.
The [collection’s] overall aesthetic was influenced by Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, Kembra Pfahler and glam rock.” Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff said in a statement. “It’s an enormous and all encompasing collection which will offer a myriad of choice for any customer to adopt or reject as they see fit.” It’s a little difficult to imagine anyone rejecting the fabulous fantasy fashions these dreaming designer spun up for this collection (who doesn’t dream of candy floss colored fur coats?) Take a peak at all F&B Inc’s favorite looks bellow before you make your mind up on whether these clothes are your kind of cray-cray and be sure to shop the collection when it hits stores November 21st 2013.

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