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Top Model Spotlight: Meet Jess Adamson

July 16, 2014
Jess Adamson

Not every girl can say they have modeled for Cosmopolitan Magazine or shot campaigns with Adidas Canada, but for Plutino Group model, Jess Adamson, big-name photo shoots are a all in a day’s work. Jess is gorgeous and fresh-faced with bright blonde hair, sparkly blue eyes and a true All-American look. As soon as you see Jess there is no denying she is clearly a model!”I signed with my first agency in 2010 when I was 16 and newly brace free! I had been scouted in 2009 at my high school fashion show and waited until my mouth was free of metal to begin. I signed with Plutino in 2012 and couldn’t be happier!” Sounds like Jess’s road to a life in the fashion lane is just what every brace-wearing teen girl dreams about!

Jess Adamson

Jess loves working in the fashion industry and says her experience in modeling has been unbelievable. “The passion exhibited by each artistic individual contributing to an editorial photo shoot is almost addictive. I love getting the chance to meet new people and create something so beautiful together. As a model, I use my job as a way to express myself creatively! For someone who has no artistic ability, I find modeling to be perfect outlet for all my crazy ideas and creativity” says Jess. Jess is an amazing model and her classic look makes her very versatile (she can do everything from fitness campaigns to fashion look books!)

Jess Adamson

A model’s schedule is always very busy and every day brings new surprises for the gorgeous Jess Adamson. “I start my day with a trip to Starbucks. With early call-times its imperative that I get a tea latte started before meeting the clients!” says Jess. Next on the agenda is photo shoots! “Shoots can last anywhere from a few hours to all day depending on the job. I like to get acquainted with the stylists and artists as they’re the ones making you look good. Then, the transformation begins. Once ready I like to keep everything fun and light, its always nice when there is music on set to relax and let loose!” After a busy day of shooting, Jess says she’s all about hitting up her favourite sushi restaurant with friends or family. “It has become a bit of a tradition to go in there after shoots with pretty extravagant makeup on… they love it!” Sounds like a good time.

Jess Adamson

If  Jess Adamson’s glamorous model life sounds like your dream career, maybe it can be! Jess says being confident in yourself is the key to being successful in modeling “While modeling is fun, there are difficult and scrutinizing aspects to an industry built on appearance. Models need lots of confidence to not only help with inevitable rejection, but also to set themselves apart from other girls.” Such amazing advice!  

Learn more about Jess Adamson in her exclusive interview with F&B Inc bellow…

F&B Inc: Where do you like to shop? 
Jess Adamson: Though I do a lot of my shopping at vintage stores and thrift shops, I love Free People, Club Monaco, and Zara.
Jess AdamsonF&B Inc: What are you doing when you’re not modeling? 
Jess Adamson: When I’m not modelling, I am running. I am on the Tulane University Division I track team which requires a lot of time and commitment. I train 7 days a week and compete all year. I have found my competitive athletic background to be helpful when getting fitness jobs!
F&B Inc: Who are you dying to work with in the fashion industry right now? 
Jess Adamson: I would kill for a campaign with Nike. It is especially satisfying when I get to model while incorporating my track experience. Some memorable athletic shoots include working with Power Athletic Shoes, Adidas and Canadian Running Magazine to name a few. 

F&B Inc: Who are your favorite models right now?
Jess Adamson: I really love how effortless Anja Rubik is, her editorials are stunning and carefree. Constance Jablonski is great because she’s adorable and so versatile and I love Crystal Renn because she’s a great role model for all girls and is absolutely awesome. 
F&B Inc: What are your future goals as a model? 
Jess Adamson: I can’t wait to see where modeling takes me. Because I am a full time student in New Orleans, it has been somewhat difficult to remain involved in the fashion industry, but I really value the time I get to work when I am home. I would love to sign with some American agencies so that I can work while I’m down at school and in the future!

F&B Inc wishes Jess all the best of luck in her future modeling endeavours! Don’t forget to follow Jess on Instagram in order to keep up with her amazing life and leave a comment bellow if you’re inspired by Jess’s incredible talent and success.  

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