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    July 14, 2015
    Starbucks Coffee
    It’s pretty much impossible to avoid Starbucks (and I’m not just saying that because there is one on literally every block!) The truth is, whether you’re picking the perfect low-key spot to catch up with old friends or are rushing to an appointment and need a quick coffee fix along the way, Starbucks is an essential part of urban life. However between their deliciously sugary frappuccinos and whipped cream topped coffee treats it can be a challenge to feel like you’re not cheating your diet when picking what to order at Starbs. If the thought of a super high calorie order has your head spinning about whether you should sub Starbucks for your next meal luckily that worry is about to become a thing of the past! These three healthy and delicious orders will guarantee a guilt-free and totally enjoyable Starbucks experience.


    Looking for a fast and easy power breakfast to kickstart your day? Get a little creative in the Starbucks kitchen by ordering  Classic Whole-Grain Oatmeal, your favourite flavour of Liberté Greek Yogurt and a banana. Be sure to hold the tempting dried fruit and nut medley and brown sugar, instead top your oatmeal with yogurt and sliced bananas for a filling and health conscious breakfast that will give you energy for the rest of the day! This is a perfect meal to have before a workout or big exam or presentation



    If you’re not in the mood to play Starbucks chef, opt for the easiest healthy option on the Starbucks menu: Bistro Boxes! Starbucks has just introduced several new Bistro Box flavours including the delicious Protein Bistro Box pictured above. Bistro Boxes are perfect for on the go and are a great choice for those super busy days when you just need to grab quick bite to eat, but don’t have time in your schedule to sit down and enjoy a peaceful meal. Bistro Boxes come with a range of different snack sized appetizers providing you with a balanced range of healthy noms!



    If you’re a coffee feign get ready for a new icy, cool caffeinated addiction: Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee. This all-new drink brings you the classic Starbucks coffee flavour you can’t start your day without while surprising the tastebuds with tangy citrus and chocolate infusions. This is the perfect drink for hot summer mornings, afternoons or nights, plus if you opt for an tall unsweetened Cold Brew you’re looking at a 0 calorie indulgence. Score!


    …and voila! Staying healthy while keeping your Starbucks addiction in check is possible! What’s your favourite way to stay healthy when at Starbucks? Tweet me @FABINCBLOG to let me know.


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