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MixMatchMe Style File: Online Shopping Just Got A Whole Lot Trendier

August 14, 2014

Are you ever shopping online and you stumble across the perfect piece, but you can’t imagine how you would style it? It is so difficult trying to imagine how one piece you find online will fit into the rest of your wardrobe and before you know it your online shopping experience has become one massive headache. That’s not anything anyone wants! Luckily, the previously mentioned online shopping nightmare never has to happen to you again all thanks to a fabulous website called! allows users to simply and easily create an account and start shopping through their incredible database (they have everything from asos to Urban Outfitters!) As you shop you can filter your searches to ensure you’re shopping the hottest trends and keeping up with the best prices. But, it gets better! allows you to style outfits out of all the pieces you’re loving meaning now, for the first time ever, you can see what potential purchases would look like when styled with everything else you love. 

Before long you’ll find yourself addicted to finding the coolest new users to follow for fashion inspiration (don’t forget to follow F&B Inc) and even organize the outfits you create and save by category. offers clothing for every single style on the web, whether you have a penchant for bold prints and patterns or are oh so in love with festival fashion, has YOU covered. 
What’s stopping you? Go check out right now! It’s easy to set up an account, start shopping and of course styling outfits online. Don’t forget to follow this hot new fashion website on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and leave a comment bellow letting F&B Inc know what excites you most about this uber chic and totally trendy new website. 

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