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Fashion Art Toronto [FAT]: Highlights From The Runway

April 29, 2014
Fashion Art Toronto [FAT] is one of the most artistic and creative fashion events in Canada and last week the alternative fashion week put on a host of runway shows unlike anything that had ever been seen before. F&B Inc was able to get a backstage look at all the models getting ready with Bourgie (video coming soon) and a front row look at the wildest shows. Of course every show is unique and a treat to watch, but there were a few shows that left a lasting impact! Keep reading for F&B Inc’s top picks from the runways of [FAT]! 

With Love Lingerie 

This beautiful runway show had an easy, breezy and effortlessly sexy vibe. The floaty fabric and light, gentle colours helped make this show a true standout. 

Worth By David C Wigley 

With an edgy, punk vibe this show packed a serious punch! Audience members went wild as each look came down the runway and post show no one could stop talking about the rich fabrics and unique garments. 


A runway show featuring garments fit for Lady Gaga, this collection was absolutely jaw dropping! Lace, leather and sexy sophistication exploded on this dark and dramatic runway. 


Black and white dominated the runway for a collection that was pure sophistication! The delicate use of feathers and bold silhouettes helped make this show a favourite. 


Image Credit: Jonathan Hooper
A colourful frenzy of fashion delight, this show was all about jewel tones and gem stones and fluffy tulle! This was the perfect collection for any girl getting ready for a fancy occasion such as a gala or prom!

Stay tuned for several videos from Fashion Art Toronto [FAT] going live on F&B Inc’s YouTube channel soon! 
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