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Find Your Cinderella Moment By Renting Designer Gowns For A Fraction Of The Retail Price With Rent Frock Repeat

February 28, 2013

It is every girl’s dream to rock a designer gown to a fancy event and now that dream can come true with Rent Frock Repeat! The high-fashion company was founded by Lisa Delorme and Kristy Wiebler and is designed to give fashion lovers the chance to wear whatever they want to wherever they want! Rent Frock Repeat is stocked full of designer dresses from all around the world that fashionistas can rent and return for a fraction of the retail price! “The right dress can change everything. It can make you feel elegant, beautiful, and confident—a real Cinderella moment. Our goal is to create this moment every time you rent with us.” exclaim the co-founders happily and the truth is a “Cinderella moment” is exactly what you get with Rent Frock Repeat!

The website features a variety of high-fashion dresses to choose from including looks from Anna Sui, Pink Tartan and Jil Stuart to name a few. The reason why Rent Frock Repeat is so fabulous is because you can wear a gorgeous designer gown for a great price…in fact some of the dresses on the website are available for as low as $75.00. You can search the site by designer, occasion, body type and season so you definitely won’t have any trouble finding your dream gown!  

If you’re ready to get shopping for a fabulous dress check out Rent Frock Repeat online and follow them on Twitter for all their updates! Of course you should also come check out Rent Frock Repeat at The Prom Show happening in Toronto March 2nd & 3rd 2013!

Would you rent a gown from Rent Frock Repeat? Leave a comment bellow to let F&B Inc know!

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