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Top Model Spotlight: Meet Dajana Antic

October 1, 2013

Picture yourself browsing the hottest shops at the mall with your friends: you’re strolling lazily from store to store hopping something will catch you eye, but have you ever thought about what would happen if you caught someone else’s eye? How about catching the eye of one of the most illustrious and prestigious modeling agents in Canada, Elmer Olsen of Elmer Olsen Model Management? It may sound like a dream, but for 20-year-old Dajana Antic, this dream came true! Since being discovered at 17 at the Toronto Eaton Centre Dajana, has dedicated her life to fashion “I modeled part time as I finished school, but since I graduated I have been working full time.” Sounds pretty amazing, huh?

Dajana loves working as a model and says the perks of a life in the fashion lane are endless ” the best part of modeling is traveling the world, seeing places I never thought I would see and meeting incredible friends who I will have with me for life” Dajana is signed with Elmer Olsen Model Management as well as IMG Models World Wide and these renowned agencies have led her to some absolutely incredible opportunities! Not only has this stunning beauty worked with some of the world’s top photographers she also walked for Alexander McQueen which she described as her “most memorable job!”

However Dajana didn’t grow up lusting after the lives of Kate Moss and Tyra Banks, in fact when she was in school she saw herself pursuing a very different path.” Throughout school I had a desire to be a heart surgeon and there were times when I also wanted to be a lawyer.” Even though Dajana isn’t living the life she imagined, she is having the time of her life and rising to the top of the fashion industry like a high-speed rocket shooting miraculously into the sky!

Of course working as a model hasn’t always been easy and there have been times when judgment and rejection have brought her down “one of my biggest lessons I’ve learned is not to take anything personally!” Her thick skin and insightful wisdom has given her the strength and courage to persevere through even the toughest of times. “My advice to girls who want to work in the fashion industry is to have a strong heart!” Dajana says to those who aspire to her model career. “Develop a thick layer of skin before entering into the world of fashion.” Dajana has never given up on her goals or her dreams and that shows through her impressive resume and sparkling persona!

Dajana Antic is definitely one of the brightest lights in the modeling world right now. Not only is she an absolutely breathtaking model she is also an inspiration as her hard work has led her to the top! It is clear that Dajana will only continue to flourish. While Dajana has already worked with some of the top players in the industry, she is always keen on upping the ante “I’d love to work with Steven Meisel, Vogue, Victoria’s Secret. I’d also like to land a beauty campaign eventually.” Without a doubt Dajana will accomplish all of these dreams and so, so many more!

Learn more about powerhouse top model, Dajana Antic, in F&B Inc’s exclusive interview bellow where Dajana opens up about a day in the model life and what she does when she’s off duty…
F&B Inc: Where do you love to shop?
Dajana Antic: Hugo boss and Diesel fit my style the best. Also, You can’t go wrong with H&M and Zara.
F&B Inc: Who is your style icon?
Dajana Antic: Rihanna! That “done, undone” look is what I admire.
F&B Inc: What magazines and blogs do you love reading?
Dajana Antic: I like to learn new things. If there is a magazine or blog that has a feature on the latest trends chances are I’ll be reading it! When I’m not reading I love watching documentaries.
F&B Inc: What do you do when you’re not modeling?
Dajana Antic: When I have free time I’m either up north skiing during the winter season or playing basketball. My two favorites hobbies. I try to take full advantage of sleep and catching up with friends when I’m home.
F&B Inc: Can you describe a typical day on the job?
Dajana Antic: It really depends on what kind of job you’re doing. Editorial, runway, catalog, presentation all have different times and hours.  But, all have one thing in common, waiting! Whether you’re at a casting, photo shoot, backstage waiting for the show to start, there’s a lot of waiting around so patience is a virtue!

Dajana Antic is one of F&B Inc’s favorite models and now she’s one of your favorite models too! Stay tuned for her in the pages of top fashion magazines and be sure to follow her on Twitter for all her updates!

Images Courtesy of Dajana Antic & Elmer Olsen Model Management

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