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Trending on Campus: Find Out How McGraw-Hill Smartbooks Are Changing The World

August 27, 2014

It’s back to school time and that means there is so much to start doing in order to get ready. From purchasing a whole new wardrobe (maybe something from Aeropostale’s #AeroNow collection) to beefing up on cute room accessories it seems like Fall shopping is a truly endless task. In fact, with all the shopping you need to do you might even forget one of the biggest school essentials: textbooks. Luckily, McGraw-Hill Education’s Smartbook can erase all your back to school textbook shopping headaches! 

The Smartbook is the first and only adaptive reading and learning experience designed to change how students read and learn. So, how does it work? Smartbooks are available online (on your laptop and tablet) and essentially feature all the information you need for your course right on your screen. As soon as you login you can read passages and answer various study questions throughout the chapter. The Smartbook automatically highlights text that you should refer back to making the SmartBook experience individual to each user through special personalizations. If you still need convincing that Smartbook is for you, studies have proven that Smartbook improves students performance by at least one letter grade!
By this point you’re definitely thinking “Smartbook sounds awesome and it can’t get any better!” But, you’re wrong…these Smartbooks can get better. McGraw-Hill has a special Read It Forward program that helps give back to the community in incredible ways. For every Smartbook purchased by October 31st, 2014 McGraw-Hill Education will donate a textbook to children in need around the world. How empowering does it feel to know that by purchasing your own Smartbook you’re also helping educate others around the world. Plus from now until October 31st you can get your Smartbook for 15% off by entering the code FORWARD14 at the checkout (these textbooks won’t even take a hit at your student budget with the discount!)

This Fall, your education just got a whole lot better! From these amazing McGraw-Hill Smartbooks to the fact that by purchasing a Smartbook you’re helping educate the world, the truth is you simply can’t not get excited. Get more information about the incredible Read It Forward campaign bellow…
So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your Smartbook for back to school today and let the learning begin!
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