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Teen Beauty Queen: Miss Teenage Canada Winner Opens Up On Her Pageant Experience

August 12, 2014

Francesca McFadden might just be living every Canadian teen girl’s dream! The newly crowned “Miss Teen Canada” winner worked so hard during the pageant and is now living her dream as a Pageant Queen! However, the Miss Teenage Canada journey started many years ago when Francesca was just 15 and competing during what she describes as “a dark time in [her] life” Fast forward a few years and this confident, beautiful and commitment blonde is a role model and influencer for teens across the country! 

Everything about Francesca’s Miss Teenage Canada journey was a positive experience. Francesca has always been inspired by the young women she met in the pageant when she was 15 (their strength even helped her overcome depression!) “I believe that when you put your mind and heart in a goal anything is possible” says Francesca, who lived by this motto during the competition to help her claim first place. 

Everyone knows that patents are filled with highs and lows that help make it a memorable journey. Francesca’s favourite part of the Miss Teen Canada journey was entering the talent competition! “I was very nervous but I was determined to face my fear.  I write a lot of poetry that happens to be serious and it  exposes my feelings. Plus, I knew it would be difficult to share it in front of a large group of people. When it was done, I felt great about my decision. It resonated with the crowd and I heard someone even cried.” Wow! However, not every moment of this journey was simple and Francesca said it was never easy balancing her pageant responsibilities with the pressure of being a high school senior. Luckily, with a little bit of determination and a whole lot of focus Francesca persevered and won the competition as well as accepting an offer to study at McGill University in the Fall.
Francesca McFadden is clearly a very gifted and talented individual who will no doubt go very far in her life! Congratulations to Francesca on her Miss Teenage Canada title and good luck with all your future endeavours. 

Looking for tips and tricks on how Francesca won the pageant? This Teen Beauty Queen shares her tips and tricks as well as offers some more insight into the competition…

F&B Inc: What was running through your mind when you found out you won?
Francesca: McFadden: When my name was announced as Miss Teenage Canada 2014, I was in absolute shock. Although, I worked very hard preparing myself  to be a possible winner, there was also a voice in the back of my mind that said ‘What if’? Since there are so many amazing girls that enter this pageant and I was thrilled to be recognized and given this title.

F&B Inc: What is your advice to girls who would like to participate in Miss Teenage Canada in the future?
Francesca: McFadden: My best advice to girls participating in this pageant is don’t let people discourage you. There are always going to be people who jealous and want to make mean comments and I personally experienced it. I learned not  to respond to these comments and be the bigger person. Let these people be little, keep your head up high and stay focused.

F&B Inc: Teen girls face insecurities everyday, what are some of your tips for keeping confident in life?
Francesca: McFadden: My best advice for teens keeping a confident life is to think positively. Looking back and focussing on a negative experience that you can not change is pointless. Its always important to look at the silver lining in any situation and look forward.

F&B Inc: What are your future goals?
Francesca: McFadden: My future goal is to become a reconstructive surgeon. It would be incredible to alter the lives of people who have experienced trauma, such as cancer survivors and burn victims. I have taken steps towards this goal by volunteering at Sunnybrook Hospital and accepting my offer to McGill University’s BioMedical Science program.

Keep up with Francesca on social media by following her on Twitter and Instagram!  

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