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November 7, 2015
Banana Bread


If you’re feeling anxious there is no better way to de-stress than breaking out the baking supplies and getting crafty in the kitchen. Regardless of whether or not you’re a connoisseur of culinary arts or a rookie with meal prep you definitely have enough ingredients stashed away to whip up a killer banana bread. Once you have your banana bread basics ready  (flour, olive oil, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt, eggs) you should considering adding something extra to score some extra points in the healthy department. Not sure what you might have kicking around in your kitchen that you could use to spice things up? You may be surprised at how multi-pupose these ingredients can be…


Pumpkin Puree: It’s the end of autumn so if you have any extra pumpkin sitting around your kitchen put it to good use by baking it into your bread! Pumpkin puree will give your bread a moistened texture while also playing off the natural spices already in your mix (hello, nutmeg!)
Orange Juice: If you’re looking for a tangier twist to your banana bread don’t shy away from pouring 1 cup of OJ into your wet mixture. Orange juice will freshen up your bread and give it a zesty sweetness.
Apple Sauce: The perfect thickening agent and a great substitute for sugar, apple sauce is your best friend for anytime you’re baking. Like pumpkin puree, apple sauce will give enhance the texture of your banana bread guaranteeing that light, fluffy taste. (Note: If you’re looking to go on a  super health kick substitute apple sauce for eggs.)
Greek Yogurt: Not as guilt free as the natural benefits of pumpkin puree or unsweetened applesauce, greek yogurt is great to add to banana bread if you’re in the mood for a more luxurious bread. Thick and creamy adding greek yogurt to your baking will create a final product that can’t help but leave you wanting more.
 All of these quick and easy ingredients will no doubt add a little extra flair to your next batch of banana bread. If you’re looking to go the healthier route in the kitchen definitely feel free to use any of the above as a substitute for milk, sugar or even eggs. Have fun getting healthier in the kitchen!



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