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The 3 Most Refreshing Drinks For Summer

August 22, 2014

The weather is finally getting super hot, and it’s time to start breaking out the shorts and flip flops! But with the sun booming hot all day, you need to keep your body refreshed and energized. There’s no better feeling than quenching your thirst, than with a cleansing and fresh drink, however how do you know which drinks are most refreshing for this Summer? Read on to find out! 

Greenhouse Juice Co. is known for having beyond healthy and detoxifying drinks. Not only are the Greenhouse Juice Co. drinks very cleanings and filled with nutrients, but they will instantly refresh and and rejuvenate you on a hot day. F&B Inc recommends having East of Eden if you’re in need of a refreshing beverage. Packed with romaine, kale, celery, apples and zesty lemon, this drink will leave you full of energy all day that won’t go away! This drink is also amazing for a healthy heart, fighting cholesterol and aiding the digestive system. Be sure to have a bottle of East of Eden the next time your in need of a refresher. To find out more about Greenhouse Juice Co., click here

Fresh Since 1999 is amazing for grabbing lunch, or enjoying a salad, but they also have some of the most refreshing drinks ever! One beverage you must try when feeling thirsty and in the mood for a tropical and tasty drink, is The Wizard. A tangy and fruity flavour, this smoothie is full of fresh pineapples, spritz of orange and lemon, as well as cherries, bananas and strawberries. This drink is so flavourful and tropical, so make sure you get your hands on the very refreshing The Wizard smoothie from Fresh when in need for an instant pick me up! 

What sounds more refreshing than fresh lemonade, blended with mint leaves and ice? The Ice Lemon Mint drink from Aroma Espresso Bar is beyond perfect for a hot summer day, and will instantly quench any thirst you have! It’s sweet, sour, minty and every other flavour you love taste in the hot weather! Make sure to try the Ice Lemon Mint drink with the delicious food from Aroma, such as their delectable samdwich menu, and enjoy this unbelievably revitalizing drink! To find out what other tasty food is on the Aroma menu, click here.

All these drinks are packed with flavour and are sure to refresh you! Make sure you try all the  drinks from Greenhouse Juice Co, Fresh Restaurant, and Aroma Espresso Bar! What is your favourite drink for summer? Sound off in the comments bellow!

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