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F&B Inc Was There: #AeroNow Launch Event Shopping Party

July 29, 2014

AeroNow has been the launch event everyone has been talking about online. By now it is no secret that trendy fashion brand, Aeropostale, has gone under a mini makeover in order to keep their profile contemporary, hip and above all on edge. Tonight was Aeropostale’s big unveiling meaning that the music was pumping, fashionistas and shopoholics were clamoring for a first look at the collection and Aeropostale fans were in a frenzy of excitement as the all-new Aero was launched!
The new Aeropostale is edgier and more chic not to mention completely contemporary. The new stores are decked out in super trendy posters of teens who live, eat, breathe and celebrate life in the now. The vibe of the stores is fun and laid back. As you’re shopping you feel relaxed in the open concept fashion environment, but you also feel cool and hip because the hottest tunes are blasting and all the Aero Stylists are helping you pick the perfect outfits! The Aeropostale clothing is as funky, fresh and fashionable as ever and they carry everything from bohemian cute, to edgy punk, to girly girl, to sporty chic and everything else in between. No matter your personal style there is something for you at Aeropostale! 
Check out all the photos from the AeroNow launch event bellow including snapshots of my favourite clothing and accessories from Aero, my Aero change room selfies and the sweet new AeroNow ambience you’ll be addicted to!

Don’t forget to stop by your local Aeropostale as soon as possible to check out AeroNow! From the clothing, to the windows, to the overall feel of the store the brand new Aero is bound to be BIG!

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