May 26, 2020

When it comes to personal fitness it’s often said that half the battle is just getting to the gym, but what happens when your home is your gym? Finding the motivation to stay fit during quarantine takes willpower, but as the world adapts to life during COVID-19 it’s more important than ever to maintain your fitness goals. For advice on how to stay motivated, inspired and continue to crush it during workouts at home, I caught up with Barry’s Bootcamp Canada trainer, Eva Redpath. All of Eva’s fitness tips for exercising at home can be found below!


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One of the best ways to have a successful workout is by starting with fitness goals that are achievable. Not only will a balanced set of goals help make your fitness sessions feel less intimidating, but they’ll also make it easier to find motivation each time you break a sweat. According to Eva Redpath, achieving goals looks different for everyone, ‘when I work with my clients we focus on optimizing their health by upgrading their behaviours through thoughts, actions and habits. Being sure to focus on one thing at a time, as trying to change too much too soon is where willpower will never win over habit.’ Mindset is also a huge hallmark of Eva’s fitness philosophy, ‘this is a journey, and as I always say don’t judge your journey.’

A great goal if you’re looking to come out of COVID-19 isolation feeling more fit than ever is by committing to 1-3 virtual workouts a week. Barry’s Bootcamp Canada has launched an Instagram Live Sweat Series on @BarrysCanada with trainers from across the country who host daily sweat, stretch and breath sessions to tune into. To balance high-intensity workouts, Eva also suggests integrating mindfulness into your fitness routine, ‘if finding peace in the present moment is what your body is asking for there are wonderful yoga and meditation classes being offered through Zoom, Facebook and Instagram live. Peloton, Tracy Anderson, Nike Training Club, Muse, Modo Yoga, Headspace, Calm and a ton of other apps have incredible offerings.’

The power of movement and how ti connects to mental health is super important to Eva’s outlook on fitness and the training plans she’s created as a founding trainer for Barry’s Bootcamp Canada. ‘Whenever we move our bodies we are able to shift our state,’ Eva says, ‘if you are feeling frazzled, frenetic, stressed, agitated you can just move your body for a few minutes, and it will automatically shift your state.’ As far as great music to keep moving to, Eva notes Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now (Don Dolla Remix), ‘I don’t know the lyrics to the song, other than “I’m better on the other side” in a way it speaks to the mantra of this powerful pause, I truly believe we will come out stronger and better on the other side’

When we’re able to get back to the gym, post-COVID Eva’s classes are a must for anyone in Toronto. In Eva’s words, ‘movement for me has always represented more than just the physical activity, what’s most important to me is the mental resilience, who you are when faced with challenges in my class, will be the inspiration you draw from when you face them in your life.’

For now, be sure to follow @BarrysCanada and @EvaRedpath on Instagram for more fitness tips and exercise inspiration!

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