May 11, 2020

A bar cart is a great way to amp up the party element in a space. Perfect for entertaining or celebrating, and also a fabulous feature for adding nuance to your living space, bar carts are so much fun to style. Decorating a bar cart is a wonderful way to showcase your personality alongside pretty glassware and spirits.


Glam Bar Cart

Don’t be afraid of splashy details that will make you bar cart feel luxurious and whimsical! Move your bar cart up against a fun accent wall and style with a bouquet of your favourite flowers for a fresh feeling.


Contemporary Bar Cart

If your taste is modern and contemporary, opt for an acrylic bar cart with minimalist accessories. You don’t need to load your bar cart with tons of trinkets, sometimes less is more.

Feminine & Vintage Bar Cart

If you’re an antique lover, keep an eye out for a vintage bar cart with delicate details that will add layers and help tell a story in your space. Lean into an antique aesthetic with vintage accessories and elegant glassware that sets a feminine and glamorous tone.


Metallic Mix Bar Cart

Choose a colour palette and decorate your bar cart in varying shades. This bar card mixes rose gold and silver for an ultra-chic looking way to start the party.

Elegant Bar Cart

Show off your favourite coffee table books by integrating them into your bar cart design. Styling with books is also a great conversation starter as you shake, mix and pour drinks for guests.


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