February 1, 2018

If you love bold and playful interiors you won’t be able to get enough of India Mahdavi’s vibrant and vivacious designs. The Parisian interior designer never shies away from colour and creativity when it comes to her spaces. Mahdavi told Architectural Digest, “my work is about happiness,” her clients are daring and don’t want something mainstream. Mahdavi’s clients are tastemakers who don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. Get ready to be captivated by India Mahdavi’s most beautiful restaurant interiors. Spoiler alert: the fresh uniqueness of these splashy, cheeky and whimsical spaces is totally addictive!

Ladurée Beverly Hills


Address: 311 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, California  

Paris and Hollywood could not be more opposite, yet these exciting worlds collide in perfect harmony in India Mahdavi’s exquisite contemporary Ladurée Beverly Hills boutique. The vision for this boutique was “Marie Antoinette goes to Hollywood” a combination that could not be more tantalizing. The French freshness of the space is a breathe of fresh air amidst the flashy luxury of 90210.


Ladurée Geneva Quai Des Bergues


Address: Rue du Mont-Blanc 1, 1201 Genève, Switzerland

India Mahdavi amplifies the majestic Parisian atmosphere of Ladurée once again in her design for the cafe’s Geneva location. Mahdavi describes the space as a  “garden of sweets that celebrates the meeting of the French grove and gluttony” which sounds like paradise. The purple and green colour scheme doesn’t take itself too seriously. The glossy black and white floors contrast with the swirling mauve furniture making visitors feel like they have stepped into a sugary wonderland.


I Love Paris By Guy Martin


Address: Airport charles-de-gaulle, Paris, France 

Of course the French would welcome visitors with incredible dining experiences right from the moment they step off the plane! I Love Paris by Guy Martin is not representative of your standard airport fare. This restaurant bolding reclaims luxury of the past combining American and Chinese design aesthetics to create an experience that is unforgettable. The restaurant is split into three sections; The Ruinart Champagne bar, an upscale sandwich shop for speedy dining and a 70 seat fine dining restaurant – refined cuisine for the sophisticated, modern traveller. Dramatic, elegant and a must-visit!


The Gallery At Sketch


Address: 9 Conduit St, Mayfair, London, England

One of the most artistically fuelled dining experiences in the world, The Gallery at Sketch London is a design utopia. This crowning jewel of this fabulously unique Mayfair restaurant is without a doubt The Gallery which was designed by Mahdavi and incorporates art installations by David Shrigley. India Mahdavi‘s pink interior which is chic and avant-garde. According to Mahdavi, “pink is more than a colour, it’s a mood. Pink has become my flag. A way to express strength and fragility in one colour and in one space”

P.s. if you haven’t been to Sketch for high tea this will convince you it is a must on the bucket list of life.

Jean-François Piège


Address: 7 Rue d’Aguesseau, 75008 Paris, France

 Jean-François Piège is grand and has an interior to match. India Mahdavi’s design for this gourmet restaurant seating 25 people evokes a sense of freedom and time. This is a space where the guest’s experience is placed at the heart of the proposal which is why the furniture is uber comfortable and the design is rooted in relaxation. The space is elegant and inviting. The warm colour palette gives guests that cozy “I think I’ll stay a while” feeling while the rich textures create a unique sensory experience…the perfect compliment to the menu’s delicious bites.


Café Français


Address: 25-27 rue de Buci 75006, Paris, France 

Café Français is a contemporary brasserie that combines punchy design with excellent plates to create an experience that many Parisians would say is their favourite. The interior design features rich graphics brought to life through a range of materials, furnishings and unique props. The decadent gold and royal blue colour tones give this make this restaurant a powerful contemporary space.


Each of these restaurants prove that the combination of incredible food and impeccable interiors is without a doubt the equation for a winning culinary experience. Which one of these stunning interiors is your favourite? Leave a comment bellow!

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  • Sheila February 3, 2018 at 1:03 PM

    So pretty! Sketch is one of the first places on my list when I make it to London!


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