December 29, 2017

It is believed that Denmark is the happiest country in the world all thanks to a little something called hygge. According to Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, hygge encompasses everything fromthe art of creating intimacy to cosiness of the soul to taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things.” The Winter is one of the easiest and best times to integrate values of hygge culture and design into your home. Winter is a time when cozy, warm and inviting interiors are essential. Not only are flurry blankets and a plethora of pillows a requirement for cuddle lovers, clean and generous spaces also contribute to a positive and healthy state of mind. From creating a sense of romantic magic through glowing candles to beautiful loungewear to help you feel more peaceful in your home, this guide on how to hygge teaches the basics of cozy Scandinavian interior design.

Create Light With Candles

There is something so delightful about a space that is brightened by the warmth candlelight. Scented or unscented, a little candle light is an excellent way of adding atmosphere to indoor and outdoor spaces. If you like simplicity and minimalism one candle on a table will truly glow, but if you’re looking to foster a sense of fellowship and whimsicality cluster candles in various shapes and sizes on unexpected ledges for a mystical and quirky hygge infusion. Also think about your interior lighting – you don’t want a bright pendant light or spotlights taking away from the warmth of candles, but it might be too dark if you are just relying on candles for light. I would recommend thinking about lamps and wall lights as a solution to this. It is always important with hygge culture and design to control your natural lighting too, but especially when using candles. Nothing screams cosiness more than closing your blinds and shutting the world out and surrounding yourself with candles. I suggest using blinds as I think they are stylish, easy to use and effective in blocking out light. I researched what type of blinds to use and found myself hours deep trawling through websites like hunter douglas colorado. It was so, so useful so you may want to do the same!

Add Texture With Rugs

One of the key characteristics of hygge interior design is the ability to make people feel instantly cozy, relaxed and soothed. A soft rug will not only ground your space but also create a sense of texture. Warm on your toes on a cold winter morning, the perfect sisal rug will instantly make your space feel sweetly Scandinavian.

Always Include Pillows

Hygge is something you know when you feel and what feels more cozy than a cute pile of pillows perfect for snuggling into? There is no such thing as too many pillows. Big! Medium! Small! Fluffy! Puffy! Flat! Hygge is all about adding things to a space that make everyone feel comfortable and happy. Load up coaches and chairs with textured puffs of happiness that everyone will gravitate towards.

Cozy Up With Blankets

Hygge encourages concepts of sleep, relaxation and rest so don’t feel guilty about hitting the snooze button on Sunday morning sleep ins. In order to carry this essence throughout your home make sure your couches are no stranger to blankets. Quilts, faux fur, chunky knits and the list goes on…blankets are a vital part of beautiful hygge interior design.

Break Out The Baskets

It is no secret that Nordic interior design is all about minimalism. The best way to keep a space feeling fresh, clean and simple is by keeping it tidy so make sure your space is organized with the perfect baskets. In Denmark storage is just another opportunity to enhance the simplistic decoration of your home. Woven baskets not only add texture to a space, but are also the perfect place to stash away that extra throw pillow or blanket that sneaks out when guests are over.

Update Your Loungewear

Hygge furniture and accessories have a powerful influence over how you feel in a home, however in order to fully embrace this cozy, happy lifestyle trend you need the loungewear to match. A beautiful pair of slippers, a soft and luxurious robe and gorgeous pyjamas are the only way to fully embrace hygge interior design. I recently bought some silk pyjamas (or Pyjamas en soie as they’d say in French!), and they’re so comfortable and luxurious. Every time I put them on, I instantly feel relaxed. Splurge on a couple of decadent loungewear pieces that make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud and suddenly your hygge home will be complete.

The hygge movement has become massive of late, and so many people are jumping on the bandwagon. Rightly so! Hygge is good for the soul. It’s about well-being, comfort and family and friends. I cannot recommend using the hygge principles when making some changes to your home and lifestyle highly enough. I hope my tips have given you some ideas! If you want further information, then there are some great books out there. Or better yet, why not visit the home of hygge? There are some amazing hotels in copenhagen that provide a stunning example of hygge design. Check it out!

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