September 18, 2017

Multinational luxury goods conglomerate, LVMH, is renowned for unparalleled craftsmanship, sublime beauty and creative excellence. These hallmarks extend throughout the company’s prestigious subsidiaries and are evident in clothing, cosmetics, and of course architecture. All construction commissioned by Chief Executive Officer, Bernard Arnault, for LVMH is nothing short of a magnificent architectural masterpiece. Fondation Louis Vuitton (2014) by Frank Gehry is a contemporary art gallery in Paris. The structure exudes innovation and visionary extravagance using light to tell a story about art, clothing and culture.



Frank Gehry incorporated light and shadow into Fondation Louis Vuitton as a way to “reflect a constantly changing world.” Similar to the seasonal transformations that the wildlife growing in the Bois de Boulagne are at the mercy of, Fondation Louis Vuitton simultaneously mirrors lifelike qualities of our changing natural world while also connecting to its lush parkland setting. Gehry’s design, which features 3500 curved glass façade elements and 1900 cement panels to support the building’s sails, terraces and canopies, “evolves depending on the time of day and light in order to create an impression of intangibility and continual transformation.”

 When I visited Fondation Louis Vuitton this summer I noticed how the environment played a large role in Gehry’s  design process. Not only did he include auditory aspects of nature through the dramatic mirror of water that the Fondation Louis Vuitton stands on, he was also forced to take into consideration the restrictive French bylaws pertaining to construction within a city park. Gehry’s ability to design a building that gleams with enigmatic, lifelike qualities resulted in a structure that wows guests through its unique dialogue between environment and architecture. The photos bellow help capture the unique beauty of this majestic art gallery. Enjoy!


LouisVuittonFoundation_FrankGehry LouisVuittonFoundation_FrankGehryLouisVuittonFoundation_FrankGehry LouisVuittonFoundation_FrankGehryLouisVuittonFoundation_FrankGehryLouisVuittonFoundation_FrankGehryLouisVuittonFoundation_FrankGehry LouisVuittonFoundation_FrankGehryLouisVuittonFoundation_FrankGehryLouisVuittonFoundation_FrankGehry

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    Absolutely stunning place! Wish I could have been there with you!!

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