May 23, 2017

Perched on a hill, the medieval town of Rye is definitely the sort of place you thought only existed in fairytales.  Rye’s peaceful and enchanting atmosphere instantly drew me in while the historic architecture made me feel as though I had travelled back in time. Despite its vibrant history, Rye has a contemporary twist as it is filled with a plethora of groovy coffee shops and interior design boutiques stocked with an eclectic combination of antique and modern items.

The most endearing part of Rye were without a doubt the cobbled streets and narrow passage ways which revealed hidden architectural treasures around every corner. The town is filled with Medieval, Tudor and Georgian buildings and is a hub for artists and designers looking for English countryside inspiration. The best part of Rye was High Street which is lined with adorable stores one could easily spend all day in oohing over all the brilliant little trinkets. Rye had a vibrancy and charm that I will not soon forget!

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