January 22, 2017

There is nothing better than seeing a photo on Instagram that inspires a new outfit, travel destination or restaurant to try. Instagram is a place where anyone can share their creative perspective of the world. I love Instagram because it opens my eyes to so many beautiful people and places. The following ten influencers excite me with each of their photos. I hope they excite you too!

Leonnie Hanne of @Ohhcouture

Leonnie Hanne of @ohhcouture is a German fashion blogger and globetrotter. The blonde bohemian beauty travels the world from Paris to Thailand with her photographer boyfriend capturing the most beautiful, breezy and romantic shots sure to make you wish you had a Chloe bag and a  private jet to visit every capitol city in the world!

Noor de Groot of @QueenofJetLags 

Noor de Groot of @Queenofjetlags might describe herself as “just another fool with an iPhone” but her tastefully curated selection of images of life in Europe make her anything but! The blogger and YouTuber is the queen of cute cafes and glamorous jet set adventures. This account will definitely give you a dose of wanderlust.

Xenia Van Der Wooden of @Xeniaoverdose 

German based fashion/lifestyle blogger, Xenia van Der Woodsen knows how to make a fashion statement! The blonde beauty behind @Xeniaoverdose wears outfits that have followers drooling with every single shot. Typically choosing looks that are feminine, sophisticated and glamorous this Insta icon is definitely one to watch.

Milena Karl of @Milenalesecret

Milena Karl’s account @Milenalesecret is enough to make you wish every day of your life was a luxe shopping adventure! With her ritzy sense of style and playful posts, everything about this girl’s aesthetic is Insta goals.

Debi Flügge of @Debiflue

Debi Flügge is a German blogger and globetrotter whose Instagram @Debiflue charters her adventures through Paris, Munich, Mauritius and Peurto Rico. With an aesthetic comprised of the prettiest pale pastels Debi’s feed will have you commenting heart eye emojis on every photo.

Marie Kitsova of @Acid.M

Moscow based YouTuber and Junior Editor of, Marie Kitsova, has the dreamiest Russian cultural feed ever. From pretty pink flatlay photos and doll-like selfies to fabulous outfit posts every photo on Marie’s feed will have you wishing you lived in Russia.


Lydia Millen of @Lydiaemillen

Lydia Millen’s Instagram feed @Lydiaemillen is a sophisticated array of creamy and luxe fashion and lifestyle photos. The blogger and YouTuber is the queen of beautiful, glowing makeup looks and pretty blown out curls.


Belle Lucia of @Belle_lucia 

Australian bikini model Belle Lucia of @Belle_lucia will have you wishing you lived in Sydney with her sexy beach body Insta feed. This exotic beauty is not only a serious fitness inspiration, but she also has the most beautiful hair and the most luscious lips ever.

Caroline Einhoff of @Caro_e_

Fashion blogger Caroline Einhoff of @Caro_e_ has the feminine Instagram feed down! The 25-year-old fashion blogger is not only drop dead gorgeous but also has the most phenomenal sense of style. From pink fur coats to floral dresses (and the most stunning backgrounds ever) Caroline’s photos are fabulous in every way.

Kasia Kijo of @KateKijo 

Polish fashionista Kasia of @KateKijo never misses a beat when it comes to sharing super stylish snaps of her daily outfits. From sexy to sweet Kate can pull of just about anything!

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