November 16, 2016

One of the best feelings is leaving the gym feeling like you have had a stellar workout. Sure in order to have a fantastic sweat session you’ll need to eat an amazing pre-workout meal, exert all your energy on those squat jumps and be super determined to running that extra kilometre on the treadmill, but the real secret to a great workout is a great wardrobe. If you put on a fabulously flattering outfit for your exercise routine you’re already going to be heading into your workout feeling amazing about yourself! Looking for the best gym gear to get you sweating twice as hard? Keep reading!



Jogha: Jogha Luxury Sportswear was been created in the Netherlands for modern fashion-conscious women who do not want to compromise on technical performance or style when it comes to their sports wardrobe. With collections that focus on chic prints and bold patterns this workout wear promises to turn heads. Jogha is also well known for their commitment to sustainable fashion. All Jogha goods by Yeh Group in Thailand, an innovative and sustainable factory that boosts good working conditions.

Carbon 38: Carbon 38 features fashion that suits modern, active lives. With fitness wear inspired by international trends, this is a sportswear label that make style statements from the gym to the streets and beyond.

Titika Active Couture: Titika Active Couture is a Canadian fitness label committed to detailed and artistic pieces. Chief designer, Eileen Zhang, describes her designs as a societal commentary on female liberation and the escape from a social “birdcage” . Through boundary-pushing designs, Titika aims to showcase confident and independent women through fashionably rebellious designs.




bkr Metallic Hearts Water Bottles: Stay hydrated in style with these notoriously addictive glass water bottles. With their signature small mouths, and silicone sleeves inspired by everything from fashion and photography to contemporary culture and fine art these bottles are pure beautiful!

Hour Glass Angel Waist Trainer: Give your body a stunning silhouette with a waist trainer corsets or waist cincher from Hour Glass Angel. Not only will a waist trainer improve your posture it will also give you the curves of your dreams.

18K Rose Gold & Leather Fit Bit Jewellery: Accessorize your fit bit with this luxe sparkler that promises to upgrade your fitness tracker. Hello, glam! If you’re need of a replacement strap for your fitness tracker, Mobile Mob has a wide range of such products available.

Bando Yoga Mat: If you’re going to collapse onto a soft surface after your crazy ab blast then this is the mat for you! Super comfy, super high quality and super cute this mat will have you loving your workout fro warm up to cool down.

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