May 22, 2016

Hello from Orlando, Florida! 🌺 This summer I’m working at Walt Disney World (🎉🎉🎉) and I am so excited to see what the next thee months will bring. The magic of Disney has touched everyone’s life in some way and it is truly thrilling to be in such a special fantasyland that lives up to its reputation of being the happiest place on earth 😇 I can’t wait to share all the highlights of my adventure here on Fashion & Beauty Inc! Yesterday I had the pleasure of exploring Epcott and celebrating the annual Flower & Garden Festival with three of my beautiful new friends. Take a look at our spectacular day!

Disney Diaries IMG_6750Epcot Flower Garden FestivalIMG_6765 IMG_6752IMG_6771 IMG_6786 IMG_6800 IMG_6805IMG_6815 IMG_6855IMG_6859 IMG_6871IMG_6860 IMG_6904 IMG_6947

(Me 🌸 Erin 🌸 Samantha 🌸 Jessica)

Epcott is my favourite park at Disney World (so far!) because it celebrates cultures from all over the world. Featuring twelve richly decorated pavilions representing countries from around the globe, this park is all about national pride. It is so much fun walking from pavilion to pavilion. One moment you’re enjoying ice cream macaron in France (the best things ever!) and the next you’re taking in all the wonders in the souvenir shop of Japan. Trust me, Epcott is one place you could spend all day wandering and never get bored! Blossoms and blooms made the park even more magical as a part of Epcott’s annual Flower and Garden Festival. What a wonderful way to start the summer 😘

Be sure to keep up with more Disney adventures on Samantha Smith’s blog Pearls and Polka Dots and Jessica Ruxton’s vlog channel

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