April 12, 2016

I know what you’re thinking… Now that it’s spring, you have to put away all those fall/winter clothes that you went a little overboard buying last season: that cute fur vest, those leather leggings, and those fringe booties. But what if I were to tell you that you don’t have to put away ALL of your fall/ winter stuff! That’s right, those fringe booties can continue their reign and soak up the sunshine when you mix them in right with your spring wardrobe.

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The first part of making your boots work with your spring wardrobe is to get rid of the notion that boots don’t belong in the springtime. It’s just not true! Especially since spring can get a little chilly at night (weather is so unpredictable!), your fall/winter boots can actually be a chic and practical footwear choice for spring! Below, I’ll show you some ways you can make your boots work for spring.

Pair Them With a Dress

One of the easiest and chicest ways to wear your boots this spring is to pair them with one of your sundresses. The dress + ankle boots combo is a go-to for a lot of Hollywood’s festival-going celebs, like Kate Bosworth at last year’s Coachella. It’s a perfectly boho chic vibe that invites floral flocks and flowy cuts—some of spring’s favorite styles.

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Play With Length

The key to wearing boots in the spring is to offset the cold-weather qualities of boots (like height) with extreme spring elements. In the case of those thigh highs you thought you’d never wear again, consider trying them with your shortest pair of daisy dukes. You won’t feel nearly as exposed as you normally would in mini shorts, and you’ll look a lot more chic. Take cues from Selena Gomez’s style if you’re having trouble conceptualizing.

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Brighten Things Up

As mentioned above, it’s important to offset the wintery feel of boots with spring elements. Another way to do so is to incorporate bright, playful colors. Since most fall/winter boots are black or brown, you’ll need to incorporate springtime pastels to update the footwear. Luckily, bright hues look surprisingly awesome next to stark black, and brown is a quite versatile neutral that can be “springified” in no time. If you’re nervous about looking tacky, try a white shirt with a patterned kimono or pastel oversized dress shirt to grunge it up a bit.

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Accessorize To Your Advantage

“Edgy bikers,” like those mentioned in this site, are great for creating a thematic look. You can really play up a certain style simply by coordinating your accessories. In the case of biker boots, wear them with a vintage band tee and black cut-offs. It’s an impossibly cool look that is always in style, especially during festival season. You might even consider wearing a fun headband or piling on wrist candy, and a choker necklace is a must!

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    We LOVVVE boots with EVERYTHING!!! So rock n’ roll and sooo badass especially with dresses!
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