March 29, 2016

Harajuku culture embraces the cuteness, vibrancy and adorable anime essence that is synonymous with Asian fashion. When it comes to over the top and glamorous nail art, Kawaii manicures reign supreme. As soon as I stepped into the pink and bubbly heaven that is Bar à Ongles Candy in Montreal I knew I was in girly, beauty paradise. The nail salon is decked out in floor to ceiling pink, black and white furnishings and is complete with leather chairs, swirly mirrors and fluffy lamps. Aesthetically speaking the nail bar is basically a grown-up version of Barbie’s dream house💖.

Kawaii Barbie 3D Nail Art

Bar à Ongles Candy was founded in 2009 and has since become well known within Montreal’s beauty community. A favourite of local beauty bloggers and editors as well as a go-to for fashion events and magazines, the nail bar specializes in Harajuku nail art complete with stickers, jewels and 3D decorations. Offering everything from gel manicures and pedicures to elaborate custom designs this is the destination for anyone looking for manicure that doubles as a wearable work of art!

The nail bar was founded Tamara Di Lullo a nail polish junkie with a penchant for all things🎀Kawaii🎀 during my time in Montreal Tamara agreed to treat me to a manicure so pink and girlicious it would make Barbie herself jealous! During my appointment Tamara opened up about her long love affair with nail polish and explained how it took her many years of training to master the art of Harajuku nail art. According to Tamara the interior

 Tamara described the interior of Bar à Ongles Candy “everything you want to do to your apartment that your boyfriend won’t let you” and went on to explain the concept for a Kawaii nail bar took many years to bring to life. “Some people come in as often as every two weeks” Tamara said about her clientele. Working in a Kawaii nail bar Tamara has definitely had some crazy nail art requests citing a gel mani inspired by 💩 (poop emoji) as her wackiest work while noting comic characters as the most popular theme. In order to craft the perfect manicure patience, precision, creativity and an excellent sense of design are mandatory. Luckily for Montreal beauty lovers, the staff at Bar à Ongles Candy possess the above traits in spades!

My Barbie themed gel Harajuku manicure took over two hours to complete. The appointment started with filing, buffing and shaping and was followed by several coats of lacquers followed by gel finish. After my nails were painted white, hot pink and bubble gum pink Tamara began painting on tweed patterns, sticking retro Barbie stickers and individuals gluing tiny gold and silver jewels onto the centre of the nails. The look was incredibly detailed and  true treat to watch come to life!

This is definitely one of the most decadent and dazzling manicure experiences I have ever had. I will not soon forget this super special mani…luckily for me it was made to last as all of the gel nail art done by  Bar à Ongles Candy only comes off when you head back to the salon to get it professionally removed. I don’t think I will be parting with these pink talons anytime soon 💝

Kawaii Nail Art Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.33.34 PMKawaii Nail Art

Bar à Ongles Candy is located at 6218 Rue St-Hubert, Montréal. Call (514) 276-7835 to book your appointment with Tamara I can assure you your manicure will not dissapoint!

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    Love the nails! 🙂 Just got a lot of ideas for my next manicure hihi! 🙂 x


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