February 10, 2016
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It’s easy to get bored with your hair, especially in the dead of winter when everything seems so bland. The best way to spice up your life is my mixing up your personal style! Ever dreamed of switching of your tresses to something totally eye-catching? Rainbow coloured hair might seem bold and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!

Colour Matrix App


Lately I’ve been loving the look of pastel hair, however I’m way to freaked out to take the plunge and dye my whole head. Luckily, Matrix Colour Lounge app allows users to play around with their look. I downloaded the app this week and have to admit it is pretty fun. The app is easy to use, simple and it’s always exciting seeing how you look with different hair. If you’re considering booking a trip to the hair salon or looking for some new styling products this app is definitely a must.

Matrix App

Experimenting with Matrix promises to be a fun time. If you’re in the game for a new ‘do you’re definitely going to want to download this app and get creative!

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