January 16, 2016

An outfit never feels complete without a few spritzes of your favourite perfume. Perfume has the power to make you feel equally beautiful and subtly invincible, but have you ever wondered how perfume is made? Whether you have a signature scent or prefer spicing up your eau de toilette from day to day it is hard to deny your favourite bottle is the beauty industry’s form of liquid courage. Perfume is an essential on every girl’s vanity, time to find out the story behind the scent.

Steps for Crafting The Perfect Perfume

What ingredients are behind your favourite bottle? You might be surprised to learn the glamorous liquid of Chanel’s new fragrance sitting on your vanity is made up of some pretty bizarre stuff!

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How Perfume Is Made: Raw Materials

The first step in perfume production is all about ingredients. Flowers, grasses, spices, fruit, wood, resins, balsams, leaves, gums, alcohol, coal and animal secretions are all some of the random (and kinda gross) sounding components that go into the bottle. Of course the ingredients vary depending on the theme of the scent and the desired affect of the perfume. (for example grand fragrances with a sexy masculine undertone favour ingredients such as musk.)

How Perfume Is Made: Manufacturing Process

Once the chosen ingredients have been selected the materials must be brought to the manufacturing centre. Ingredients are handled with the utmost care meaning plants are handpicked and animal products are retrieved by extracting fatty substances directly from the animal. Luxury fragrance houses such as Chanel own their own flower fields to ensure they have enough product for their iconic perfumes as well as to manage just how they want their ingredients to be grown.

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How Perfume Is Made: Extraction

Once all the ingredients have been gathered it’s time for perfumers to extract what they need from what they have. If you’re looking for something to blame on the high price of your designer perfume this step is about to become your punching bag. In a 15-milliliter bottle of French perfume the oil inside has been extracted from about 660 roses. Oil is extracted through flowers through a method known as expression in which plants are intensely squeezed until the oil is released and can be mixed with other ingredients.

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How Perfume Is Made: Blending

Once all of the ingredients have been assembled and extracted it is time for the mixing to begin! Perfume masters known as “noses” work with up to 800 ingredients over several years to create the perfect formula for their fragrances. Once the nose has mastered a scent they add alcohol and sometimes water. The alcohol in perfume is used in spray bottles to give a powerful first impression when instantly applied.

How Perfume Is Made: Aging Process

So all the ingredients are assembled, oils extracted and the nose has mixed everything with alcohol…now what? All perfumes have to go through an aging process to help the alcohol and oils bind together and create a scent that is lasting and beautiful. The aging process can take anywhere from a couple of months to years of non-disruptive time spent in a cool, dark room. Each perfume bottle has three notes: notes de tete (top notes), notes de coeur (heart notes) and notes de fond (base notes). The top notes of the fragrance will hit first and generally have a strong sweet citrus scent while t he body of the fragrance generally features notes woody notes that help ground the scent.

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…and voila that is how perfume is made! With the above steps all finished your favourite perfumes are prepared and ready to hit the shelves! What is your favourite perfume at the moment? Leave a comment bellow!

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