August 4, 2015
Kendall Jenner


What girl doesn’t love the look of light, glowing skin that looks like it has been kissed by a fairy? When it coms to cosmetics you can transform your complexion any way you see fit. If you’re a makeup junkie chances are you’re all about the contour (hallowed cheekbones, chiseled nose bridge…in one word: structure) However, if you’re looking for an easier and breezier makeup look then this latest trend is for you! Strobing is the art of highlighting your face to create the affect that your skin has been lit up by strobe lights. This makeup technique is simplistic and suits any skin type, for any occasion. An ideal makeup look for late-summer, this trend is completely worth trying out!

Strobing gives the same sculpted effect as contouring but cuts the intensity down by a ton. Strobing is all about accentuating the beauty of your natural features (unlike contouring which is designed to blend away any lines that seem anything less than “perfect”) Makeup artist Mai Quynh told Teen Vogue the concept of strobing is not new, “we called it ‘reverse contouring.’ It’s actually pretty obvious where it’s coined from-we use strobe lights on models during photoshoots to find the glow points on their skin. While contouring is all about playing with shadows, strobing is focused on bringing out the light.”
All you need to achieve the perfect strobe makeup look is your favourite illuminizer. Simply apply your highlighter above your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose and brow bone and dab lightly on your cupid’s bow for the perfect lit up look.


Strobing is the easiest way to give your skin the illuminated, dream like quality that models possess in high fashion magazines. Are you ready to officially kiss contouring good bye? Hit the (strobe) lights and let’s find out!


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