July 23, 2015
Interior Design
Ever heard the classic saying “home is where the heart is?” No matter how crazy your life might feel there is nothing more relaxing or rewarding than coming home to a beautiful space at the end of the day. Whether you’re a full on interior design aficionado or a rookie in the game of haute homes there are a few major design and decor patterns impossible to ignore if you keep tabs on the interior trend circuit. Dying for a few fast and easy ways to make your maison look a little more magazine ready? These on trend Pinterest-worthy design ideas are about to become your new obsession…

Trend #1: Lucite Chairs

Quite possibly the new classic when it comes to seating, lucite chairs are currently one of the most coveted interior design staples around. Not only do these contemporary meets classic clear chairs add a feeling of space to small areas they are also incredibly versatile. You can put a lucite chair at your desk, in your bedroom, in your kitchen (literally anywhere!). You can find similar chairs, perfect for at a desk or dressing table, on Office Monster. Spice up your see through seating by throwing a blanket or cushion on whenever you’re in the mood for something new.

Trend #2: Gold Antlers

Kate Spade is a huge source of inspiration when it comes to feminine and fun fashion so it comes as no surprise that the ritzy, glitzy Manhattanite company also sets the trends when it comes to home decor. Add a rustic feel to your wall with everyone’s favourite new Kate Spade inspired art: gold antlers! The perfect way to add rustic tone to your wall this chic taxidermic accessory is on every it girl’s wall right now.

Trend #3: Succulents

Low maintenance and lots of fun, succulents and terrariums are seriously on trend if you’re looking to add a little extra dose of funky to your desk or dresser. Add a fashion forward flair to your green little garden by potting your cacti collection in painted pots with coloured rocks. If you want something a bit more dramatic, phs Greenleaf specialise in indoor and outdoor office plants. These have a number of health and productivity benefits as well as looking great.

Trend #4: The Flip Clock Screen Saver

It’s practically impossible to go on Tumblr without seeing a computer with an all-black screen and white numbers. The classic flip clock screen saver is a favourite of bloggers and internet trendsetters due to its crisp, classic aesthetic. Get this look for FREE by downloading your own screen saver from Fliqlo – voila! Now your laptop is totally on trend. If you’re looking to become a blogger it may be a trend you want to follow using this screen saver, alternatively, you could use custom blog design services to help create you screensaver and even the look of your site.

Trend #5: Crepe Paper Tassels

If you’re a girly girl who wants to add a an element of whimsy to your bedroom you have to have crepe paper tassels! These pretty, sparkly wall accessories first became super popular with the rise of the ever fairy-like Studio Mucci. These gorgeous and celebratory tassels are the perfect way to glamorize your bedroom or office. Purchase them online or DIY them in order to get the look!

Trend #6: Couture Candles

There is nothing more home-y than a candle! Give your space the ultimate couture vibe with luxury rose scented candles from Diptyque! You may be unfamiliar with the Paris based company, but there is no chance you won’t recognize their simplistic and elegant candles. At nearly $100 a candle, these interior design fixings are scented like the stuff of your dreams and are one indulgence you might not be able to afford living without.

If you’re a girly, feminine and sophisticated girl these interior design trends are truly a must! Classic, timeless and completely chic these special touches will make your space feel very vogue.

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