July 10, 2015


Grace, sophistication, beauty, strength and determination. Ballet is equal parts elegance and endurance. Ballet is one of the most stunning forms of artistic movement known to humankind. Ballerinas are athletes whose fitness levels rival that of the world’s top olympians. Ballerinas are huge inspirations to fashion designers, photographers and of course all seem to have absolutely perfect figures. In order to transform your body into the delicate, toned and sophisticated yet sexy ballet dancer physique you must be disciplined and ready for an intense workout! If I’m going to be honest, when I have my boyfriend over of an evening and we’re feeling ‘in the mood’, it’s a workout an a half. Especially when you add a cheeky video in the mix. But this alone won’t get you the body you need to become a Ballerina.

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The secret to getting the ultimate ballerina body is working every muscle, especially the tiny ones you don’t even realize are there! Celebrity fitness trainer, Tracey Anderson, is the master of dance inspired at-home workouts. Tracey is best known for her famous Tracey Anderson Method workout which is popular with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Anderson also has gym locations in all the chicest hot spots including Los Angeles, New York City, The Hamptons and London. Tracey’s ballet inspired workout regime works over 400 muscles within the body and targets every part of your physique for guaranteed results. This is truly the ideal workout plan for any aspiring fitness guru looking for quick and easy at-home routines! Check out all the moves you should be adding to your workout here and enjoy your ballerina body results!

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