June 26, 2015
Cher Horowitz is an icon of the 90s due to her completely rad sense of style, adorable personality, amazing friendships and fun loving LA lifestyle. Any girl who tells you Clueless isn’t her favourite movie of all time is either a) totally dumb or b) totally lying to you because Clueless is one classic chick flick pretty must against the law to not love. In case you don’t already wake up every morning and build a mental shrine of love to this inspiring 100 minutes of 90s high school bliss, this morning there is a hard core reason to craft that shrine: Clueless The Musical is coming soon!!!


The production will hit theatres with a script written by the film’s original director, Amy Heckerling. Casting has yet to begin and while names such as Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea have been tossed around everything is still in the preliminary stages. No doubt whoever is cast as Cher will have some big shoes to fill, but with the right training seems like a pretty bomb roll not to knock out of the park. In honour of her royal 90s highness keep reading for 5 classic Cher quotes on fashion, life and love to start living by pronto…



Cher:Ugh! As If!

Lesson Learnt: Apply this catch phrase to literally anything in order to feel like a total boss queen. Anything from buying something overpriced, slacking on your workout, spending time with negative people…take your pick this quote has got your back.



Cher: “Where’s my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal? It’s my most capable looking outfit!”

Lesson Learnt: Dress for success, always. If you need to get the job done then dress like an independent diva who is about to slay.
Mel: “What the hell is that?”
Cher: “A dress.”
Says “Who?”
Cher: “Calvin Klein.”
Lesson Learnt: Know the facts, have a favourite designer, wear Calvin Klein. Don’t let anyone tell you what (or who) you can and can’t wear. Be fearless in fashion.



{about keeping her virginity}
Cher: You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.
Lesson Learnt: It’s okay to wait for Mr. Right. No judgement, just peace and love please (here’s looking at you, Tai)

Cher: “I am totally butt crazy in love with Josh!”

Lesson Learnt: Don’t just be in love, be butt crazy in love! It’s way more fun and way more worth it 😉
Until the Clueless Musical hits theatres your training on “How To Be Cher Horowitz 101” is officially done!

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