June 25, 2015

Writing about your favourite clothing and accessories and showcasing your sense of style to the entire internet is something thousands of people absolutely love doing. That’s right, being a fashion blogger is one of the trendiest hobbies for teens, twenty somethings and fashion lovers of all ages (check out my last post on “How To Become A Super-Famous Fashion Blogger” for more tips). There is a lot that goes into creating a viral fashion blog: a great name, a great design, great posts and of course great photos! Images are easily one of the most important parts of running a successful style blog, but mastering the art of great photos is not easy!

In order to take the best possible photos for your blog you need to start with a great camera! I love my Nikon D3300 because it is easy to use and takes photos with immaculate precision. This camera is a fantastic entry level DSLR and gaurantees you will capture the finest shots possible due to it’s perfect shutter speed, intense zoom and HQ build. To get the best results with your camera learn how to use it inside out (google all your questions, watch YouTube videos, read the manual and take photography lessons) the more you know about your camera the better you will be at taking great photos with it!
Of course being a fashion blogger you’re going to want to glam up your camera so it’s worth investing in a killer strap to make you instantly look and feel like a true pro. When it comes to stylish camera cases look no further than Jolie Laide Leather Photography Accessories! Jolie Laide is a leather accessories brand rooted in a passion for creating classically designed, high quality and beautifully crafted accessories for photographers. Designed by the ever-talented, Jacqueline Flaggiello, the richly decorated straps available online are everything from artisanal to exotic, refined to classic meaning there is definitely a strap on her website for you to fall madly in love with! Each strap is steeped in beauty and character and promises to be the perfect way to take on the world as a top fashion blogger!
Now that you have an amazing camera and a camera strap you’ll surely love forever and always, it’s time to start shooting! When shooting for your blog remember excellent lighting is key (daylight is usually your best friend) and the rule of thirds (to ensure your subject matter is crisp and concise) Also be sure to take into account the importance of being creative and showing off your artistic abilities through photographs. Don’t shy away from unique angles and have fun when in the editing room!


Camera Strap: The Aztec Bone Creme Camera Strap (Le Jolie Laide)
Good luck with launching your fashion blog and have fun making your photographs the best they can be! Have patience and enjoy the journey to become an amazing fashion blogger photographer.

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