May 3, 2015
momofuku milk bar
When it comes to sugary sweet and slightly weird culinary creations Momofuku Milk Bar is quite simply where it is at. Last Spring was all about Momofuku Milk Bar’s brand-spanking-new soft serve (fro-yo topped with cornflakes, oui merci!) however if you’re not in the market for a cool refresher on a hot soon to be summer day the Milk Bar Cube at Momofuku is equally as drool worthy. This past week I stopped by the cube and picked up a can of their cornflake-chocolate-chip-marshmallow cookie mix and decided to whip up this über simple desert to satisfy my sweet tooth!


While these insanely addictive sweet treats may have you crinkling your nose at the crazy combination of cornflakes, marshmallows and chocolate chips you’re guaranteed to be hooked after just one bite. Perhaps I am taking a tad too much credit for being a full fledged chef, after all these cookies are beyond simple to prepare (only a few steps) making them the perfect treat to prepare when hosting guests. Not only is the unexpected flavour combination a true conversation starter they also look pretty adorable too. Bottom line? These Momofuku Milk Bar cookies are a must-have.


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