April 21, 2015
Street Style
Living in the digital age it is impossible not to discover unique style mavens whilst scrolling through social media. On a recent Instagram exploration spree I discovered the understated urban cool style guru @Thrifthunna aka James Lappin.  James is no stranger to the world of fashion and is both a trendsetter on his university campus as well as behind the lens as Vice-President of Queen’s Fashion Photography. When it comes to personal style James’ wardrobe can best be described as a cross between the edgy swagger of rap culture and the quirky cuteness of the Japanese fashion trends accented by his attention to high fashion and love for anything runway ready. 

James loves documenting his aesthetic through Instagram despite being skeptical of first signing up back in September. “[Instagram] is an excellent way to share your thoughts and personal style through photos and captions. I think it can be a great way for labels to show off recent collections through short videos or photos.” says James of the app “The more people on the fashion sector of Instagram, the more room for inspiration and personal style development.” Aside from Instagram, James gets his fashion inspiration from Japan! Japan is incredibly diverse when it comes to fashion “There are so many different, unique styles and brands there that go unrecognized in the west.  If you haven’t yet, check out some street snaps and lookbooks from the Japanese.” recommends James. 
When it comes to designers James has a carefully curated list of artists to watch. Among his list of favourites include Jun Takahashi of Undercover (“they make a lot of excellent grunge/ punk styled pieces with loads of little details and interesting cuts” -James), Shayne Oliver (“despite all of the internet controversy he takes the classic Brooklyn hip-hop/ rap style and works it into modern, high fashion cuts with interesting designs through his label Hood By Air” -James) and Rick Owens (“he’s created his own subculture through his clothing and his dedication to his own style and wellbeing” -James). Shopping wise James is all about scouring the web for hot steals, but he also admits to frequenting Ssense, oki-ni and any thrift shop he can find. Thrifting appeals to James because he says “you can find some killer stuff for cheap, and the hunt aspect of it is what makes it such an interesting place to shop – buying things that have been used by others and making them your own.”
Photography: Haoran Liang (@Langhr)
[Her] Outfit Details: Chanel Fake Sweater (AMI Clubwear) | Hot Pink Backpack (Superdry) | Lace Romper (Guess) | Polka Dotted Stockings (Aeropostale
[His] Outfit Details: Jacket (Kappa), Shirt (Givenchy), Shoes (Raf Simons), Jeans (Thrifted), Belt (Y3

James, who aspires to a career in the fashion industry, lives by the style mantra “you do you, I’ll do me” and is all about striving for individuality with his clothing. Typical campus fashion may consist of varsity jackets, plaid skirts and sneakers, but James says don’t worry about mainstream trends when it comes to style. “Just do you, be yourself and don’t worry about what others think.” Says James who believes personal style is all about being yourself. Of course if you want a few ideas of where to get inspired James says “Tumblr is a good source for checking out past and new fashions and aesthetics; there is a plethora of information and photos to explore.” Couldn’t agree more!
Keep up with all of James Lappin’s latest style endeavours by following him on Instagram @ThriftHunna where you’ll instantly fall in love with each and every one of his ultra dope ensembles. 


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