April 28, 2015
fashion art toronto


It is not often that so many artistic creators, innovators and design appreciators come together to celebrate Canadian creativity, however [FAT] Fashion Art Toronto is famous for making exactly this occur every year during April. [FAT] is a platform for inventive and contemporary expression and features 200 national and international designers, visual artists and performers.  This past year was [FAT]’s 10th anniversary and hence they curated a week inspired by the theme: #MadeInCanada. The art showcased during the week was meant to embody Canadian culture and pay homage to influencers in Canadian art, design, technology, history, imagery, landscapes and the country’s unique social fabric. Each night a new story was told through music, performance, art and fashion.  Overall [FAT] 2015 was a huge success and thrilled its eclectic audience members with everything from dramatic runway looks to subtle, understated performance pieces. [FAT] left no stone unturned this past season!
With so many incredible designers displaying their art during [FAT] it seems impossible to narrow down the best looks of the night. Evening wear, street wear, couture, lingerie and androgynous designs were all given equal promotion. Of course there were some exceptionally intriguing looks that made true statements. Take a look at F&B Inc’s favourite looks from [FAT] 2015 bellow…

[FAT] Fashion Art Toronto: The Best Looks From The Runway


Although incredibly artistic and perhaps much bolder than your average street clothes, the designers at [FAT] are definitely on my “ones to watch” list! Can’t help but swoon over some of the fantastically whimsical and boundary pushing looks that were shown. Can’t wait for next year!

Photography: James Lapin, Jonathan Hooper

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