March 24, 2015
Something about fresh buds and blue skies always seems to make every girl want to update the goodies in her makeup bag, but what new makeup is perfect for Spring 2015? If you’re looking for beautiful new blushes, shimmery lipsticks, precious powders and eye shadow that will bring your peepers to life look no further than Tarte Cosmetics high-performance naturals Spring 2015 collection. If you’re not familiar with Tarte yet take this as a warning: you’re about to become seriously obsessed! Tarte was founded in 1999 by beauty addict, Mauren Kelly, who was turned off by the icky, greasy feel of the non-natural products that lined drugstore and beauty department shelves. Fast forward to the year 2015, and Tarte is a leader healthy, eco-friendly makeup that is glamorous while also being cruelty-free and enriched with healthy formulas your skin will love.


Tarte’s Spring 2015 collection is filled with sweet and sparkly essentials such as lip gloss, mascara, cheek stain, self gainer and the list goes on. The collection has a light, airy and feminine feel with the pretty pink and purple package instantly evoking a feeling of effortless beauty. Of course every item in the collection is bound to be on your wish list, but if you can only splurge on a few signature items the Park Ave Princess Countour Palette, Amazonian Butter Lipstick and Tartelette Amazonian clay 12-hour blush are true life changers.
Of course the hallmark of Tarte is its healthy, eco-conscious mantra meaning all the ingredients in the products are top-notch. Many of the products in the Spring 2015 collection are made from an Amazonian clay base which Tarte describes as “nature’s most perfect ingredient for better, longer, truer wear.” Nothing beats makeup that doesn’t fade or smudge throughout the day, right?  

Everything from Tarte is a clear 10/10 and their Spring collection is filled with essentials! Be sure to shop the entire collection online at and leave a comment bellow to let F&B Inc know what products from the collection you’re most excited to purchase.

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