January 3, 2015
Juice Cleanse

“The juice cleanse” is a major fad the world discovered when they heard their favourite models and closest friends were trying the extreme diet in order to loose weight. With the new year here, and a popular resolution to “loose weight” and “be healthy,” you may assume the juice cleanse is an easy one way ticket to your dream body. However, this diet, which basically consists of limiting your food consumption to just drinking healthy juices for weeks is actually very dangerous, and full of cons. The truth is “the juice cleanse” may actually be the opposite of cleansing.

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If you do the cleanse the correct way -all natural juices including nut milk for an element of fat and protein- it can be beneficial for you health. Cutting out all sugary and fatty snacks and trading them in for all natural juices does sound very nourishing. However this diet becomes very extreme and dangerous when it is done for more than just 3 days. Denying your body of vitamins not found in fruits and veggies from juices can be fatal and can result in yellowing skin, yellowing teeth and dull skin and dull hair. It can also lead to long term health issues such as osteoporosis and other calcium lacking ailments. Perhaps a better route for cleansing the body would be to try out certain herbal remedies that are particular to the different parts of the body and all-natural.

It may seem like a great and easy way to lose weight. It’s quick, and rather effortless. But you will never really know the full extent of damage you are doing to your body. It is important to eat the proper 3 meals a day, and by dramatically changing your diet into liquid only, you are forcing your body to shut down, slow down and break down. Some things you have heard about the juice cleanse are true… It does result in dramatic weight loss and the juices are healthy… But over all the consequences and risks are too high.

If you are finding yourself looking for quick ways to loose weight, you should know that loosing weight healthily is a long term thing, and you will have to be dedicated. Some easy tips to start off are cutting portion sizes in half and substituting meals heavy with carbs (which make you bloat) for salads or cleansing soups. Stay tuned for more healthy diet ideas and remember, things will only work if you do them in moderation, and that includes the juice cleanse. Stay healthy and fit!

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