December 25, 2014


Christmas Day may be filled with merriment and relaxation, but as soon as the clock strikes 12:00am and the date is December 26th things go from lovely and lazy to a little bit crazy real fast. That’s right, Boxing Day is just around the corner and unless you’re planning on hitting the snooze button on some of the best sales of the century you should be prepping for the most important day in the shopaholic calendar. Boxing Day is a serious affair, and if you’ve not yet made your list and checked it twice you’re about to miss out. Don’t worry, F&B Inc is here to get you into tip top shopping shape, welcome to the ultimate Boxing Day boot camp, beauties!


Tip #1: Rise & Shine

It might seem obvious, but don’t even think about sleeping in on December 26th! Set your alarm for the crack of dawn in order to get the first picks at your favourite store. The only thing worse than battling another shopper for that last have to have item on sale is battling fellow Boxing Day babes for a parking spot in the lot.


Tip #2: Schedule Your Time Wisely

If you’re planning a quick and easy 30 minuets spent in one store and 45 minuets spent in the next scratch that plan asap. Unfortunately, Boxing Day is completely impossible to plan out and the best way to tackle the day is schedule free. Make a general list of stores you’re keen to cash in at, but don’t forget that B Day is a shopping excursion unlike any other (lines will be extra long, and stores will be extra packed!)

Tip #3: Be Ruthless

Sales are serious, if you don’t take advantage of them you will miss them! When you see an item that catches your eye (and the price is right) don’t waffle and don’t waver – BUY IT! The best part about Boxing Day is indulging and stocking up on special items you might not normally buy so don’t let an overly rational mindset prohibit you from buying whatever you want.

Tip #4: But Budget

While it’s totally true that you should buy whatever you love on Boxing Day without thinking twice, one thing you need to think about before hitting the stores if your budget. Carrie Bradshaw may like her money where she can see it, hanging in her closet, but some of us like our money where we know it can keep paying for other life necessities. Once you decide on how much green you’re willing to dole out for the sales, withdraw that value in cash. You can’t spent more dollar bills than you bring with you, so don’t waver from your budget and you’ll be golden.

Tip #5: Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$

It’s true that Boxing Day can be insanely stressful, but it’s only really as stressful as you make it. Grab a group of your favourite gal pals and hit the mall with the mantra that this day is meant to be enjoyable. Keep in mind, that is the holiday season and it’s all about enjoying spending time with people you love and care about…don’t let one crazy shopping day wreck the spirit. After a successful day of shopping you’ll be ready to toast to that.
Happy Holidays and good luck with your Boxing Day shopping!

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