November 11, 2014
Healthy Salad


Whether your looking to trim down, go on a health kick or boost your nutrition it is safe to say everyone idea of an ideal healthy meal is a salad. Experts say eating a salad every day is one of the simplest and healthiest eating habits to adopt, but is the salad you’re selecting as nutritious as you might think it is? Lettuce is an excellent source of Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium and Fiber in addition to being low in Saturated Fat, Sodium and Cholesterol, but it is easy to make the mistake of topping your salad with unhealthy extras thats ultimately un-do all the good parts of eating your greens. F&B Inc has rounded up the top do’s and don’ts of salad preparation…

Mixing fruits and vegetables is a surprisingly delicious combination and a great way to keep your salad tasty and exciting while still keeping health top of mind. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and sliced mango all add a fantastic burst of flavour to any salad. Let’s not forget a dose of colour in a sea of green leaves will also look extra cute when you Instagram your #cleaneats.
You might love them for their salty taste and perfect crunch, but if you want to keep your salad as healthy as possible croutons are the #1 thing you should be cutting out! Typically made from white processed bed, croutons are a high in carbohydrates, empty calories and bad fats not to mention, depending on the brand you buy, croutons can also ¬†packed with artificial flavours making them 100% not a healthy choice! The next time you’re seriously craving the crout, skip it and your salad will instantly be way cleaner.
If you’re scared a salad sans-crunch might not be as fast fret not, nuts are a great crouton alternative! It is impossible not to find a handful of nuts that wouldn’t make your salad taste better. Some of F&B Inc’s favourites include walnuts, slivered almonds, pecan pieces and raw pistachios.


The final step to finishing your salad has the potential to be the most deadly! Dressing your salad to execs with yucky processed salad dressing is a sure-fire way to eliminate any of the health benefits you would have gotten from your salad. Think about it: an apple is super healthy but once it has been dipped in caramel it is a dessert, not a healthy snack and salads drenched in dressing work the same way! Opt for light dressing or none at all to keep your salad healthy as possible.
Crafting the perfect salad is a lot of fun (there is so much you can toss into your salad) but be sure to keep it healthy! Forgo anything that won’t keep your green dish healthy as possible and you’ll reap all the benefits of eating green.

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