The Future Is Bright: Introducing F&B Inc’s Nikon Camera Partnership

July 13, 2014
Fashion & Beauty Inc, Nikon, Artsy

Photography is an essential part of blogging and in order to produce beautiful, high quality images one requires an incredible camera. Every day I strive to make Fashion & Beauty Inc the best website I possibly can. From street style photography to product reviews to events I am always aiming to give my lovely readers with the best possible coverage in the world. You also may have noticed that  have recently began experimenting with YouTube and in the same way I work to create incredible photos I have also been working to make amazing videos. The future holds so many new things for F&B Inc and I look forward to bringing higher quality photography and videos to the F&B Inc platform with Nikon.

Fashion & Beauty Inc, Nikon, Artsy
Fashion & Beauty Inc, Nikon, Artsy
Fashion & Beauty Inc, Nikon, Artsy

Nikon is an internationally acclaimed brand that needs little introduction. Infamous for there extraordinary cameras, lenses binoculars and microscopes it is a true honour to be working with this prestigious billion dollar corporation. I look forward to learning the ins and outs of filming and photographing using my Nikon DSLR camera and will be sharing my tips and tricks with you right here on F&B Inc in an exclusive photography series launching soon. 
I feel so proud that F&B Inc has been acknowledged by such an amazing company. I pour my heart and soul into the production of this website and have so many more goals that I will be able to start working towards with the help of Nikon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Nikon and everyone else who has ever supported and encouraged me.
For now, stay tuned for much, much more coming to F&B Inc soon and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel: FABINCBLOGTV for tons of videos going live soon.   

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