July 23, 2014
Air Canada


Everything about traveling is so much fun! Arriving at the airport (even if it means you had to wake up at 5:30am) is always exciting. The anticipation of getting on the plane and arriving at that final destination is always exhilarating. Last Friday I was traveling to Miami for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim and even though the flight from Toronto to Miami is only around three hours, I spent around twelve hours at the airport over the weekend. Of course whenever you’re at the airport and on an airplane you need to find lots of ways to entertain yourself. I opted to pass time by sipping Starbucks, listening to music and practicing photography! Take a look at some of my shots bellow…

Right from the first time I had a Very Berry Hibiscus Chiller in Paris two years ago I’ve been hooked! Such a refreshing summer drink. 
It is always such a score when your seat on the airplane overlooks the wing! I personally think including the airplane wing in photos makes for some very cool shots.
I never travel without music…it is the only way to pass the time! What were the top songs on my playlist? Anything by Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry!
Miami, Miami South Beach, travel
See, look how cool the airplane wing shots are!
Miami, Miami South Beach, travel
…Yep, I told you I thought the airplane wing shots looked cool.
Miami, Miami South Beach, travel
The first moment you see your final destination is always the best! The moment I saw the city of Miami I was excited.
Miami, Miami South Beach, travel
A city and an ocean, what more does a girl need for a perfect weekend?
Miami, Miami South Beach, travel
Miami from the sky!
Miami, Miami South Beach, travel


Miami looked incredible from the sky and as soon as I saw it I knew I would have an amazing weekend. It’s safe to say my time in South Beach was fabulous. Can’t wait to share more photos and stories from my trip with you soon!

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