July 27, 2014
Khong River House


Just steps away from Miami Beach’s local haven and tourist hotspot, Lincoln Road, Khong River House offers an oasis of sensational Southeast Asian cuisine you will never forget. As soon as your step into this tantalizing restaurant you are transported to the Mekong River, a river that connects the Tibetan Plateau down through Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. This cultural melting pot is known for their spices, unique tastes and incredible food and now this fantastical Asian cuisine can be experienced in Miami Beach at Khong River House!

Right from the first moment you set eyes on the interiors of this amazing restaurant you will be in love. Khong River House is decked out with sweeping woodwork, Asian antiques including bird houses and Buddhas, soaring ceilings, moody lighting and an irresistible Southeast Asian sophistication everything about Khong River House welcomes guests into a food experience they will remember forever. The menu at Khong River House is enough to have your mouth watering upon first glance: rich noodle dishes, herbaceous broths, tangy house pickles and sweet sticky rice are just a few of the many delectable flavours offered at Khong River House.


Every dish at Khong River House is extraordinary, delicious and crafted from only the highest quality ingredients. It is impossible to leave this amazing restaurant without feeling satisfied and blissful! Without further ado, check out the best dishes available at Khong River House bellow…


Shishito Peppers
Wok-charred peppers served with delicious sweet and sour sauce topped off with melt in your mouth crispy pork rinds. This dish is shockingly spicy in the best way possible and each pepper leaves your mouth a little more flaming. This is the perfect appetizer for anyone looking to wake up their tastebuds and wet their appetite.
Chinese Cucumber Salad 
You will not eat better cucumbers in your life than these incredible asian cucumbers served with green onions, garlic, sesame seeds, hot bean paste, dark soy and incredible sesame oil. Each cucumber has the perfect crunch to it and the flavour is beyond amazing.
Vietnamese Green Curry Mussels 
French Vietnamese-style mussels sautéed with green curry paste, coconut milk, lemongrass, jalapeños kaffir lime leaf and fish sauce topped with slivered fresh basil leaves, served with the most sensational toasted french baguettes. These mussels were silky and soft and the baguette provided the perfect crunch to compliment the curry.
Vietnamese Salt & Pepper Crispy Prawns 
Two fresh jumbo prawns sautéed with Thai bird chili, garlic, salt, pepper, Chinese five spice, red shallots, spring onions and cilantro served with Thai jasmine rice. Everything about this dish was perfection – the presentation was a work of art and the flavours all melt in your mouth in the best way possible.
Yiliang Roasted Duck
La Belle Farm’s Margaret half duck, slow roasted with honey, annatto seeds, Chinese five spice, served with house-made pickles, date-hoisin sauce, lettuce wraps and Chinese pancakes. Everything about this dish is amazing…there is nothing more fun than wrapping up your own little bites of incredible food. The duck was amazing and the freshness of all the ingredients truly shone through.
Fried Chinese Eggplant 
Caramelized miso, spices, crispy basil, seaweed and mint…does anything more need to be said? This dish was incredible on so many levels!
Chinese Pork Fried Rice
Crispy Duroc pok belly, corn, peas, garlic, ginger, onions, culantro and stir fry sauce, topped with a sunny side up egg and Chinese sausage. The sunny side up egg was a fantastic flavour compliment to the incredible rice. This dish was easy to fall in love with, not to mention the perfect compliment to the Yilian Roasted Duck!
Sweet Thai Sticky Rice & Mango
Florida mango, toasted coconut and fresh basil come together in the most unexpectedly incredible dessert imaginable. The sweetness of the mango paired with the softness of the sticky rice made this dish refreshing and delightful at the same time!


Thai Doughnuts 
Freshly baked puff balls of sugary goodness these amazing Thai Doughnuts taste remarkable when dipped into any of the three dipping sauces they are served with. This desert is a real sweet treat that will leave you satisfied!
Overall, dinner at Khong River House is a must! The vibe of the restaurant is so cool, casual and unique and the menu is to die for. There is not one dish at Khong River House that could ever disappoint. Be sure to visit Khong River House online to browse each and every one of their dishes and make your reservation…you will not regret it!

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