July 23, 2014


Sun that never ceases to shine, beautiful palm trees and hundreds of adorable pastel art-deco buildings sum up Miami South Beach perfectly. There is nothing more amazing than spending a weekend in Florida…especially if you’re there for fashion week! I arrived at around 10:00am in Miami after many hours spent at the airport ready to make the most of my day. After checking into the hotel and freshening up it was time to do some exploring!

Ocean Drive Miami


Palm Trees


My hotel was on Ocean Drive so naturally strolling up and down one of Miami’s busiest streets was the first thing I did. Ocean Drive is a hub of restaurants, hotels, clubs and shops all bustling with people. Loud music is playing, people are smiling and the vibe is very upbeat and alive. Walking along Ocean Drive it isn’t hard to see why Miami has a reputation as a party city!
Art Deco Miami
Miami Eats
After a morning of wandering around Miami it was time to find somewhere for lunch! When you have just arrived in a new place you’re often starving and on Friday I was eager to sit down at the first relaxing restaurant I could see. Tempted by my waiter’s claim that this was Miami’s best pizza parlour on Ocean Drive I ordered a Margarita and a side salad. I don’t think thats the kind of lunch you can ever go wrong with!
Of course seeing as Miami is famous for their beautiful beaches after lunch I headed straight to the water! The ocean was sparkling in the most beautiful blue hues and everyone who was splashing in the warm surf seemed overcome with joy and happiness. Looking out over the ocean with the beautiful palm trees deocrating the sky it definitely felt like there was nothing wrong in the world. That is what I love about tropical destinations, they make you forget all your worries and live in the moment.Miami
Along the way back to the hotel I made some spots in shops that caught my eye. Seeing as I knew I was headed to The Raleigh Hotel later that day for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim I was especially keen to stop in designer boutiques for the shows I would be seeing. Beach Bunny is the cutest, sexiest, flirtiest and most fun swimwear line in Miami and their chic shop on Collins Avenue was the perfect way to get me amped up for their runway show which was later that night!


After a long walk back to the hotel filled with hundreds of photos, a bit of people watching and of course more shopping I took some time to relax before getting ready for fashion week! The pool at my hotel overlooked the ocean and the patio was always buzzing with guests. Every day during my stay I ordered a refreshing tropical drink and a plate of edamame while overlooking the ocean. After a busy Friday it was time to get ready for Fashion Week!
Day 1 of Miami was a blast and the evening spent at Fashion Week was even better! Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

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