Get Summer Ready Skin With New Veet Natural Inspirations Products

June 1, 2014
Everyone wants super smooth skin, with a bronze glow and silky shine, but not everyone can have it… Luckily, for those in the know, you are aware that all you need to achieve stunning skin is to use  Veet Natural Inspirations Hair Removal products. It’s summer and that means the season of short shorts, bikinis and legs, legs legs is in full swing! Don’t let icky hair keep you from showing off your body. From facial hair removal, to cream and wax body hair removal, Veet has everything you need to leave your skin perfectly beautiful.

This new Natural line from Veet is amazing because of all the natural ingredients used in it such as shea butter, aloe, or avocado oil. These products result in stubble free smoothness, and last up to 2 times longer than shaving, all while leaving your skin very moisturized. To find out how to use the amazing products in this new line, read on!
If you are looking to remove hair on your body, simply use the Veet Hair Removal Cream, Waxing Strip, or Sugar Wax. The Creams come in sensitive skin and dry & normal skin formulas. Both inspired by beautiful scents from nature, these creams simply take only 5mins to painlessly remove any hair on your body! Just apply a thick layer, and be sure not to rub in the cream, and voila, after a few short minutes just brush away the cream with a wet cloth,  and be rid of those pesky hairs! To use to Waxing Strips, simply heat them up between your hands by rubbing them quickly, then apply to the area of skin you are removing the hair from, and rip it off. Simple as 1, 2, 3! To use the Sugar Wax, heat it up in the microwave for 40 seconds, apply to skin, rip off with fabric strips supplied in the kit and wash away any residue to leave you’re skin visibly smooth for up to 28 days! 
All the Veet Hair Removal products are amazing, so be sure to pick them up at your local drug store! They are perfect for smooth summer skin, and will make you never want to shave again!

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